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Volume 3 is loaded cover-to-cover with some of his greatest designs, many of which have never been available to the public until now.
Yet Jerry, as high-minded and noble as this endeavor was, never lost his edge, or his sailor roots.
Boastful stories and folklore aside, it was Jerry’s visionary innovations and unrivaled craftsmanship that inspired future tattoo artists and devoting proteges to marvel at his work.
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At 19, he arrived in Chicago, cutting his tattoo chops in the infamous arcades of State Street.
A strongly opinionated libertarian and genius level prankster, Jerry was the definition of a social chameleon.

Even in Neolithic times we were changing the way our skin looks, whether as a kind of jewelry of royalty, lovers, the spiritual, and the criminal. When I think traditional tattoos the first name that comes to mind is Norman Keith Collins or better known as Sailor Jerry.
Skipping the globe on schooner ships, Jerry passed through the China Seas and other remote ports of call.
And so, for the next 40 years, Sailor Jerry had a constant canvas of military men to obsessively perfect his deftly crafted, boldly lined, style that incorporated both American designs and traditions with Asiatic coloring and sensibilities. During his travels through the Far East, he began to develop a life-long obsession with Asian culture, art, and imagery. Even if you are not a fan of his work the documentary covers some of the history of Hawaii during World War II; I highly recommend watching.

The Wiggles won't be playing on the radio, there are still people getting naked mermaids tattooed on their forearms, and, well, there are sharp needles everywhere.
Aside from being the least kid-friendly places in an increasingly kid-friendly town, tattoo parlors are professional places, and tattoo artists are professionals.

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