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So, we looked at Aries through Cancer yesterday, identifying some new types of vocation in the post-economy, based on sign and rising sign. LEOBeing the big cheese in an era of the most downward, downturns ever can be challenging for such a regal persona as yours, especially if have lost a home or a pension in the last six months. 3) Pie PiperMy first wife was a Leo and she had a brilliant idea that never came to fruition.
VIRGOBesides Gemini, I can’t think of a more capable sign that can be adaptable and prosper during the post economy, especially with Virgo in Saturn. LIBRAWe’re going to need you Libras to help us stay balanced and on point in the days to come.

1) Psychic MediatorWe all need people in our lives that can help us achieve some sort of middle ground and equilibrium.
2) Communal Bard The poet, David White, has been doing great work for years in corporate settings, helping suits regain a sense of awe, wonder and creativity in their lives.
3) Green Feng-Shui FusionistThere are people that are LEED certified, like my good friend, Linda Delair and there are extremely high powered and very well paid, Feng Shui practitioners, but the twain rarely meet. SCORPIOUnlike Libra, Virgo and Leo, all of whom might have some bumpy rides coming up here, you crave situations like the melting economy. 1) Stimulus ConsultantSo Obama just got lots of Federal Reserve Notes printed and there might even be more forthcoming.

3) Alternative Medical TechnologistThere are dozens of various alternative medical technologies on the market, although Royal Rife’s technology recently took a hit in a recent court ruling. All you need is a website, some basic knowledge, the ability to set up affiliate relationships and the drive to market the technologies with intention of education and raising awareness.

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