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A gorgeous book from Taschen, entitled "1000 Tattoos" explores the multifarious threads of tattoo history, showing the diverse rituals and motivations that have inspired people from all corners of time and space to dabble in eternal ink. Edited by art historian Burkhard Riemschneider and tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher, who runs the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, the visually exceptional compendium treats tattooing with the artistic respect it deserves. No matter where or when they originated, tattoos are a wearable art form that lasts forever! Lets face it, tattoos are very popular and one of the most discussed topics on this website, but it occurs to me that we've never discussed it's psychology.
Consider taking medication, when you're sick an take medicines to feel better it's one thing, but there is a such thing as the over use of drugs (abuse) or using them when there's nothing wrong with you--and we do treat that. One could be using tattoos as symbols to remind themselves of something very important or to help with life like a type of self help therapy system. Nevertheless, there is a stigma that society associate with tattooing--and people with excessive tattoos even more suspect.
However, in this thread, it is the causes behind the act for people with excessive tattoos that is of primary interest.
There is no doubt that tattoos have become a fad, and it is unfortunate, however I don't think the fact that they are a fad detracts from those who have really meaningful and beautiful ink work.
Personally I don't think it is a cry for help, I'm a believer that the only person who can help me is me, and the only person who can help you is you. I am very critical of other people's tattoos, and if I had a buck for every time I saw a guy with a tribal arm band, or their last name tattooed on their back I'd be rich. For example, would you feel comfortable leaving your toddler at a daycare where the head person was covered in tattoos?
From Maori peoples at the turn of the century to circus ladies of the roaring '20s to contemporary dudes who really love eggs, the history of tattooing is as colorful as it is, well, colorful. Someone that puts on more and more tattoos or applies them to their head is considered atypical and may in fact be a manifestation of some serious psychological, or sociological issues. For example, would you feel comfortable leaving your toddler at a daycare where the head person was covered in tattoos?I think you will agree that your appearance speaks volumes about how you view yourself and how others view you.

Any tattoo is designed to draw attention, therefore, are more and more tattoos (or tattoos on unusual parts of you body( a manifestation of a subconsitiously troubled individual? Sure some are, just like completely normal people are too however just because someone has allot of tattoo's doesn't mean they are troubled or looking for attention. I really hate when I see someone with ear piercings or a simple cookie cutter flash art tattoo talking **** about people with stretched ears, lots of tattoo's and other modifications. My whole life I have been very interested in theology, though I do not give myself to any one faith, and over the years (and currently so) have worked to develop my own creed and beliefs.
For example if someone has Chinese lettering on their body I have no idea what it says, yet many people from many cultures understand what a compass rose represents, and that is travel.
Your openness and honesty was of great value, and the chronology was especially beneficial. They immortalize your mantras, memories, loved ones and drunken bad decisions in wild shapes and colors.
And are they in fact "symptoms" or signs of people that have issues such as low self-esteem?
Tattoo artists are usually completely covered in tattoo's not because they have low self esteem but because it's their job and it allows them to be. ANY piercing or tattoo is a body modification, yeah your baller ass diamond studs are a body modification.
One thing I do believe is that everything in life is interconnected, meaning you can learn something that applies to one situation from a completely different and seemingly irrelevant thing. In addition, your ability to speak--your piece--without undue emotional content, was refreshing. Tattoos are more popular than ever, but the tradition of body art extends far beyond the borough of Brooklyn. Like an over-eater or drug abuser (although not as self destructive), the act is the solution, not the cause. Some choose to take it to the extremes, you may not agree with it or fully understand it but to talk down upon someone and something you are apart of is just stupid.

To me this idea or thought is best expressed through the image of a circle, because a circle has no end or edges.
I got the left leg upside down for two reasons: One is that Angels are opposite demons, and the inversion represents that. Is there a such thing as chronic tattooing--especially for someone that can't seem to have too many? I've come to the realization that there will never be a point in my life where I am 100% satisfied, and that we are blessed with a beautiful gift as humans to have such a powerful intellect, and we need to continually educate ourselves and EVOLVE, and make the most of these talents and gifts we have.
Also I think the first part of the lyric is the more important and what I really need to work on, so I want to be able to read it.
One that I can remember was cartoonish drawing of a boy ripping a girls heart out of her chest. I chose my legs because it is a different place to get a tattoo it is not something you see every day. I also like the world evolve, because it contains another very important word in our language: EVOLve. Basically to me the lyrics mean, that if you let people have their faults and don't expect everyone to be perfect you'll end up a much happier individual, because when you expect everyone to always be perfect you'll always be disappointed. I felt at times I was a little harsh on people and that I needed to evolve and have more love in my heart for those around me. I choose to get the X's on my face not for the shock value, not for the what the **** factor but for me, to prove to myself that I'm doing this for a lifetime and there is no covering them up and hiding from it.
My tattoo's all have a meaning to them, some may not be very obvious but I like them and view them as art. I've never heard of someone being addicted to tattooing in a sense like that but there are a certain group of people in the tattoo community that enjoy pushing the boundaries and going as far as they possibly can.

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