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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. In comparison with other tattoos, we realized shooting star designs are suitable in any part of our body such as arms, abdomen, foot, ankle, lower back, neck and navel. And good thing with these designs is that if you are going to get this design as a tattoo then you will so many varieties and placement on your body. We think it's the beauty of this design that it enhances the sensuality of a person and makes you look gorgeous. You would not find a unique design if you go into a tattoo parlor looking for shooting stars tattoo designs. The typical appearance of shooting star tattoo designs is a large star that has the point of focus and then other small stars that continue to decrease in size as they gradually move away from the large star in a trail surround this large star. The universe always fascinates us and more than it, it is the universal bodies that hold an eternal charm. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Nautical Star Tattoos, Black Light Tattoos, RIP Tattoos and Celtic Knot Tattoos. The colorful stars with their tiny offsprings, carved on the side of the foot have a pretty look. Simple and sober, star tattoo inked behind the ear which also happens to be the first for the woman. This black shooting star has a magnetic aura as some other stars are also trailing behind him. This shooting star is a music lover and leaves a trail of musical notes through the way it passes.
Indeed, the hot red star with its tiny yellow twinkling dots, carved below the navel, has a sensuous charm. Light blue, glowing stars shaped in ascending order with tiny red circles, making a flash on the foot. The orange and black star with a raging tail that has caught fire looks in a hurry to get to a water body.

Inside shooting star with a green body spread around a black center and black outline looks funny. The twinkling, colorful stars surrounded with vines emitted by a large orange star look charming.
Self done shooting star tattoo on the upper left leg that glows in darkness as is clear in the picture. The fairy sitting in the moon and watching a trail of shooting stars, presents a lovely picture.
Again a foot tattoo with a large shooting star, carved in black that matches the nail polish color perfectly.
Faint but cute, this shooting star, placed on the lower part of the belly, is looking cuddly. Small shooting star with an entwined curvy design about to touch it looks like a beautiful flower with vines.
The complementing colors of blue and orange make for a very bright and visible shooting star tattoo, on nape. The shooting stars look like flowers tucked on a vine and make the narrow waist more enticing with their presence. The simple and black shooting star, carved on the hand, looks elegant and signifies an important event in the life of the wearer. Shooting stars on ankle and a butterfly on foot look cute together and the wearer got them for her son and daughter.
The combination of big and small stars on a wavy path, starting from the shoulder and ending on lower back, have a captivating look. The three stars on the corner of the eyes stands for some special moment related with number three in some way. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Apart from this shooting star designs symbolize a personal moment that may have been so brief but very full of impact and importance.

As you probably have heard this statement, 'Everything you want will be granted if you wish upon a shooting star'.
You can enhance sensuality of your body just by inking tattoos of shooting stars on your lower back, neck, foot, ankle etc. You should only use the artist's books in order to see the type of work that he or she has done. For instance, if you going to ink your lower back so you must choose curvy shape of shooting star that can show your lower back curves to opposite sex. Normally people choose black ink for this kind of design but we always recommend bright, varied colors. The shooting star tattoos are carved on the body for aesthetic purposes as well as to signify an important event in life.
Now a days we are seeing that shooting stars tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos which are specially popular amongst girls. The nursery rhyme “twinkle twinkle little star” is still alive in our minds and even a slight mention sparks up our hearts and minds.
Aesthetically speaking, stars are sparkling and light emitting bodies that glow even in darkness. They symbolize ambition, energy, optimism and motivation and therefore, are quite popular as tattoo designs also. The shooting stars are associated with a memorable moment in life and even the number of stars has something to do with the particular incident. So, here we take you on a starry ride of 30 shooting star tattoos that will give you cool ideas and inspirations for getting a similar tattoo carved on your body.

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