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Tattoos have been around since centuries, fulfilling different purposes across different cultures and tribes.
Studies to document the effect of tattoos on the body and its relationship with cancer are still going on but several experts are of the opinion that tattoos do cause cancer, let alone the fact that it is increasing the risks of developing it as well. Keloids are a type of scar which is usually an overgrowth of collagen tissue formed at the site of a wound. Haematomas are bruises that can occur due to the puncturing of a blood vessel during the process and can occur as blood pools, keratoacanthoma is a skin tumour characterized by a dome shaped inflamed skin which gradually increases in size and its developments risks increase with tattoos. Granulomas are nodules that develop around particles or material which is perceived by the body as foreign. Tattoos of the permanent kind could be about something you believe in or someone you love but like all things in life, change is the only constant thing.
Since the inks used for tattooing contain metals,there have been complaints by people having tattoos, to experience a burning sensation, when they are undergoing a MRI scan. Apart from the risk of contaminated needles and equipment spreading hepatitis and herpes, the more common risks involves skin infections. Where earlier tattoos were made from natural dyes , today’s inks can be made from a variety of ingredients such as pigments suspended in a carrier solution for colour, of which the pigments are composed of plastics or metallic salts such as  mercury sulfide ,  cobalt albuminate, cadmium, chromium and chromic oxides. Allergic Reactions to tattoos are quite common and there are different types of allergies that can be caused.
The use of injections during the process of tattoo application can increase the risks of contracting transfusion-transmitted diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B and C, herpes, tetanus, staph, syphilis and HIV, AIDS. They have served as symbolic indications of status or ranks, marks of fertility, bravery decorations or rites of passage, but in modern times tattoos have different meanings. They claim that the nano particles from the tattoo inks can seep into the body’s major organs, apart from permanent damage caused by the dyes to collagen.
Carcinoma or cancer, hyperplasia which is organ enlargement due to abnormal cell multiplication, hyperkeratosis which is an excess growth of keratin in hair follicles are all examples of abnormal growth whose occurrence also will depend from person to person and also the tattoo artist. Since tattoo ink particles are foreign material, granulomas can develop around the tattooed tissue. Though not conclusively verified, there have been reports of the MRI image’s quality getting affected by the pigments in the tattoo inks. Aluminum silicates and Barium sulphates are used to preserve some physical properties of the tattoo and ferrous oxides and titanium oxides are mixed as well for desired transparency.

Most often you are required to do a patch test to determine whether your skin is not too sensitive for the tattoo inks prior to actually getting it, but it may not always be a sure shot way of knowing. During the latter half of the twentieth century, tattoos primarily came to be associated with gang affiliations and religious beliefs but now, generally flaunted by rebellious adolescents, they have extended to representing various things. The toxicity of the inks, whose chemical composition is unknown and unregulated, can travel through the bloodstream to accrue in your kidneys and the spleen.
In contrast to scars, keloids do not diminish with time and are often accompanied by itching and irritation.
Apart from granulomas, enlargement of the lymph nodes have also been reported as a side effect of tattoos.
Unfortunately getting a tattoo removed is far more costly and painful than getting it done. An MRI or a magnetic resonance imaging creates pictures of the interior of the body using magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses.
There are two types, one of which is MRSA which is the most common sort of infection and occurs on the surface of the skin in the form of of rashes and lesions making it easily detectable.
Now the actual amount and mixture of these constituents varies from parlour to parlour because it is considered a trade secret. Phototoxic reactions do occur, though not very common, considering the number of people who gets tattoos done every year, where phototoxicity means having a reaction on exposure to sunlight. Therefore it is important that you visit an established and well known shop which follows proper safety standards to prevent the spread of these diseases. The most common health risk that you put yourself into when you get a tattoo would always be – skin cancer. They can grow beyond the boundaries of your wounds and certain people are more prone to developing them than others depending on family history, hence they should avoid getting piercings or tattoos done. The pigments used, leak into the bloodstream, accumulating at the lymph nodes causing painful swellings in these regions. The modern removal process consists of using lasers which break down the pigments in the tattoos and after regular laser treatments over a number of sittings which vary according to the size and colour of tattoo, the tattoo eventually fades.
The concern for tattoo inks arises mainly due to the magnetic force which is extremely powerful and can affect the metal particles in the inks.
These inks are injected below the skin layer for permanency and the toxic effect of these metals in your body is however in small amounts, but cannot be ignored.

Inflammatory reactions caused primarily by the inks appear as swellings and red rashes which generally occurs for everyone and is expected to disappear within 2 to 4 weeks with proper attention and care.
New, sealed needles for every new tattoo, sterilizing hands and instruments regularly and using gloves are basic safety protocols every tattoo parlor is required to follow. Though not proven, tattoos do raise the risk of developing melanomas that is abnormal growth of cells. Scars are bound to occur during the initial healing period if the proper care steps are not followed. The pigments are broken down to such smaller particles that they can now be assimilated by the body but the downside is the chances of scarring during the healing process and some risk of infection.
It is more serious and is difficult to detect apart from the pain and discomfort which should be taken care of immediately.
From growth retardation, mild irritants, pulmonary effects to affecting the cardiovascular systems, these can all be the side effects of just getting a tattoo.
Dermatitis caused due to allergic reactions to pigments is characterized by inflamed skin rashes and by the affected area becoming scaly or flaky. In patients with cancer risks, a Radiologist is often unable to distinguish between the ink staining in the lymph node and the abnormal tissue growth.
Apart from staph, fungi, mold and other bacteria can also cause infections which can spread beyond the tattoo and affect eyes, cause lung infections, joint infections or various other infections involving the other organs. These allergic reactions don’t always occur immediately after the tattoo has been applied, sometimes the effects can be delayed by months, even years. Itchiness and red bumps which can be caused due to changes in weather or body temperature often occur which will probably require a visit to your dermatologist or antibiotics. Though not required, some people do opt for local anesthesia by use of creams or injections depending on their pain threshold.

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