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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A perfectionist, he set about two months of vocal training and learning toA  play guitar a€” and found he had a four-octave vocal range. But what does REAL eighties hellraiser Mick Jones make of the film star's turn as a tattooed sex god in Rock Of Ages - and can he sing? Cruise isna€™t a young guy any more [he turns 50 next month], but hea€™s hip and hea€™s followed music throughout his life.a€™Cruise told W magazine he didna€™t base his character on anyone in particular. His only previous singing experience of note was as Nathan Detroit in a school production of Guys And Dolls. He over-indulged in alcohol and drugs and fell in and out of love.He insists, however, he wasna€™t anything like Stacee Jaxx, the gyrating rock god played by Tom Cruise in the movie Rock Of Ages which opens in the UK next week.
It was very un-PC, but I was too young to know the difference.a€™This was, indeed, an era when everything was over the top a€” like Cruisea€™s character, closely akin to Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger on steroids. In it the snake-hipped Cruise wears a bejewelled codpiece over his leather trousers, has a constant entourage of scantily clad girls and a pet baboon named Hey Man.

He is being interviewed by an attractive girl from Rolling Stone magazine [Malin Akerman], who accuses him of losing whatever it was that made him great once. The moment I saw Ann I knew she was the girl I was waiting for.a€™After meeting Ann in the early Eighties he moved to London from New York for a few years, before moving back to New York with her and her three children who included Mark Ronson, now a celebrated DJ and producer for Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. If the audience doesna€™t immediately buy into his absolute greatness, you have nothing.a€™ Cruisea€™s involvement with the film came about because of his daughter Suria€™s love for the musical Hairspray. The couple had two more children, Alexander and Annabelle, although he and Ann are now divorced.Catherine Zeta-Jones, a friend from that time, appears in Rock Of Ages as the prissy wife of the mayor who becomes a rock chick. Hea€™s watched it 15 times with her and was so impressed with its director Adam Shankman he approached him, saying: a€?Wherea€™s our musical?a€™ Shankman suggested Rock Of Ages.
I thought I was handling it, but in some ways I wasna€™t.a€™He would, he says, go on a bender for a day or two, often fuelled by alcohol and cocaine.
They saw the stage production and Cruise liked the story, but decided he needed to reinvent the character of Stacee Jaxx. But it was Jonesa€™s ability to write classic songs that made him rich and famous, selling more than 70 million albums.

Three of Foreignera€™s songs which he wrote or co-wrote feature in Rock Of Ages a€” I Want To Know What Love Is, Waiting For A Girl Like You, and Juke Box Hero. He is about to start touring for the first time since his heart operation and hopes to be in the UK next year.According to Jones, they are experiencing something of a renaissance. I personally have been more of a love addict than a sex addict,a€™ he says.a€?The best part of falling in love is at the very start when you are chasing it. For 90 per cent of the time I hope I was charming to people, and then for ten per cent maybe I was an idiot. One night I was in Portsmouth and I started flirting with a pretty girl in a bar, probably slurring my words. It became an anthem of hope.a€™ In the film, Waiting For A Girl Like You is sung as a romantic duet between the two young lovers Sherrie and Drew.

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