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But narco culture (narcotics culture) is even that much more intriguing and if anyone wants to argue then let me say two words: Breaking Bad.
That said, it comes as no surprise that it has now become an influence in art, and this artist is a great example and he does a great job. Campbell Bowsorth, is a Texan who is highly influenced by the traditions of artisans, ranging from wood workers and spur makers, to guilders and gunsmiths. Just as narco corridos tell the stories of the drug lords in song, this artist tells the same tales through his sculptures. Trained by Robert Pho, Andy moved to Las Vegas after completing formal art school training back in NY. While he likes to specialize in the weird and quirky, Andy has quickly established himself as a tattoo artist known for his animal portraits. If you’re interested in reservations for a tattoo by Las Vegas tattoo artist Andy Pho please feel free to call us. When it comes time to visit tattoo shops in Las Vegas, be sure to include Skin Design Tattoos as one of your destination points! An award-winning tattoo shop with internationally-published tattooists who specialize in portraits, hyper-realism and black & grey! Created and designed by our founder Robert Pho, the ambiance and setting for Skin Design is unrivaled and unmatched and we strive to provide the ultimate tattoo experience.
After 25 years in the business, Skin Design takes great pride in providing the highest level of customer service which sets a benchmark in the industry, and with a state-of-the-art facility which is welcoming, clean, sterile and up-to-date, Skin Design has become a top destination point for lovers of the world of ink.
Featuring the latest in laser technology, our laser removal system is the quickest, safest and most effective in the market. We provide free consultation and are always on deck to help  you figure out the best ways to cover up old or unwanted tattoos.
Serving local residents as well as international clientele, Skin Design is a destination point for travelers from China, Russia, Hong Kong and Australia just to mention a few. Located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip (in the famous Chinatown district), our 4,000 sq ft studio is regarded as one of the best shops in town. Founded by artist Robert Pho, Skin Design Tattoo has been in business for over 25 years and this tattoo parlor is the vision and latest creation from Mr. Our staff of award-winning artists has won international acclaim and has been published in some of the leading art and ink publications throughout the world.
If you're looking for a tattoo studio in Vegas, then be sure to stop on by and enjoy the experience.

At SDT, we also understand that sterility is the first step in creating mesmerizing art, so we designed and designated a room (and a tech) who helps keep all of our tools, trays, and tattoo removal equipment sterilized above and beyond the required State laws. With plenty of Las Vegas tattoo shops to choose from, we encourage you to look around while on your search for a tattoo place, but be sure to pay us a visit. The world has long been obsessed with bad guys and if you disagree, then think Scarface, John Gotti, Goodfellas, and the list goes on. Corridos is now a multi-million dollar industry and if you want to think more mainstream, then just think rap.
But as a Texan who lives on the Mexican-American border, he has also been unavoidably influenced by Narco Corridos, the politics of the border, and the ongoing cartel wars.
In scale, his work mimics the cartels’ larger than life exploits, and tries to tell the stories of their accumulation of status and power, of the transformation of poverty into wealth, of campesinos into drug lords. It was there he  practiced a multidisciplinary curriculum which included sculpting, painting, and drawing in both charcoal and pencil mediums.
His attention to detail in each of his pieces has created tattoos which are life-like and compelling. You simply can’t get it all in one shot and in the end, the client has to sacrifice comfort to get the ultimate pleasure. Pho’s goal to create a portal of creativity where artists and collectors can truly enjoy their experience. In addition, we specialize in covering up scars from accidents or medical surgeries, and depending on the color saturation of your old tattoo, we can also provide laser tattoo removal to help lighten up or fade older work, and then follow it up with an overlay tattoo which will seamlessly cover it all up.
Our studio serves as a hub of creativity where tattooists and tattoo collectors can share their passion for ink, art and culture. With specialization in black and grey, color realism, script, portrait, and photo-realism work, our current roster of artists include a world famous staff which consists of Robert Pho, Fernie Andrade, Vic Vivid and Andy Pho. Our goal at SDT was to create a workspace that would provide inspiration and comfort to our artists, as well as our guests. We see it more as a lifestyle and a culture that is backed by a history that has been around for more than a millennia. Thus is the case with Andy Pho, with only four years under his belt, Andy has developed a skill set which rivals those decades into the game.
We have been featured in hundreds of magazine articles internationally, and play home to some of the world’s most highly sought after tattooists.

In addition, he has assembled a family of award-winning, and internationally published tattoo artists that provide the most detailed and breath taking ink ever seen. Please view our artists galleries to see examples of cover up, portraits, as well script and lettering work.
Inside our studio we also have an in-house laser tattoo removal center and our results are some of the most effective when it comes to getting rid of unwanted tattoos. Designed from the ground up, SDT is a design exercise that doubles as an extension of the Las Vegas experience. Our art has blessed the bodies of our ancient ancestors, and one of the oldest documented tattoos was some 2,500 years old and found on the mummified corpse of a Siberian Princess. In the same breath, rappers have even taken on the names of famous drug Lords such as 50 Cent, Rick Ross and the list goes on. In turn he has also created a portfolio of art and tattoos which has amassed him a comprehensive local following of tattoo collectors from Las Vegas – as well as all throughout North America. We specialize in color realism, black and grey, script, cover ups, as well as custom lettering. For additional information about Skin Design please scroll below and thanks for stopping by the site. In addition, we have an in-house doctor on the premises and we pride ourselves in safety and sterility. Highly regarded as one of the most modern tattoo parlors, our studio features the latest in modern design, lighting, audio and furniture, and it was all created to provide the ultimate comfort for our guests. So in essence, every customer that gets work literally takes a piece of his or her artist with them, and that’s priceless.
Our highly experienced staff also provides free, no-pressure consultation and in addition to providing world-class tatts, we can also help remove any old or unwanted ink thanks to our in-house laser tattoo removal system.

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