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Nice red heart that has a beautiful frame around it denoting the fact that people in love always feel secure and special. The stars along with tribal heart are a symbol that love is the guiding spirit in the life of the wearer. Carved on the lower back, this tribal heart tattoo with its curving lines and spirals, oozes a graceful touch. Cute tattoo design with stars created on the hand that represents love of the wearer, she cherishes for her dreams. The roses represent the grandfather of the wearer and the six dots are the birth stones of the relatives closest to the wearer’s heart. Simple and small tribal heart carved on the wrist that represents love of the wearer for her boyfriend. An ornamental tribal heart having floral and vines pattern that creates a very artistic design on the skin. Tribal heart with quote carved on the foot that represents the strong affectionate relationship the girl shares with her lover. The girl designed these tattoos herself and got them tattooed on her 21st birthday as a gift to herself. This is an intriguing tribal heart tattoo design with initials of the wearer hidden inside it.
The tribal heart tattoo looks cool due to its mystic design displaying a sharp, curvy pattern.

The woman shows off her large tribal heart tattoo, having vines design, covering the back, that looks very flowing.
Sexy tattoo with flames rising inside the tribal heart that denote the passionate love, the wearer harbors in her heart. This upper back tattoo having a tribal heart coupled with lock and key stands for strong love and total commitment. Simple and cute, this upper back tattoo depicts the liberating path one is set on after love enter into the life of a person. Cross with wings, forming a tribal heart on the back of the wearer, creates a cool and great looking tattoo design. The flower and the wings surrounding the tribal heart symbolize the fragrance of love that makes the heart fly.
The red tribal heart with cross around it is a symbol of belief in god and the fact that his mercy would see the wearer through the hard times.
The girl has got a tribal heart on her foot that is a sign that she is in search of true love.
This is a fabulous tribal heart design with wings and looks amazing, sitting on the beefy chest of the wearer.
Very beautiful and artistic, this tribal heart tattoo attached in a rosary that encircles the wrist has a superb eye-catching look.
Neat and bold in appearance, this tribal heart tattoo oozes power and bravery that makes you win the heart of your beloved. Slim and curvy design, created with tribal heart and cross on the back, that looks very delightful.

Bold and black tribal heart design styled with blue dots that looks very charming and keeps singing the love tune into the ear of the girl.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The perceptions and definitions of love have, of course, undergone a sea change in the course of time but the essence remains the same. They are quite popular among the new age men and women too, due to the variety and delectable display, they possess.
A person in love is the happiest creature on earth and always wants to express that happiness through some means.
The tribal heart can be carved on any body part in any size but the wrist, back and hand are preferred spots. Tattoos are a cool and aesthetic way of doing the same and there are various appropriate designs that can give a shape to your heart-felt emotions but the heart looks the best.
You can also team up the heart with other symbols like the holy cross, rosary, flowers, wings to give different meanings to the tattoo piece.
Here, we have created a post with 25 tribal heart tattoos that will give more information regarding the meanings and designs.

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