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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social exchange theory grew out of the intersection of economics, psychology and sociology. Today, social exchange theory exists in many forms, but all of them are driven by the same central concept of actors exchanging resources via a social exchange relationship. This interaction between two actors (people, firms etc.) results in various contingencies, where the actors modify their resources to each others expectations. To conclude, social exchange theory is best understood as a framework for explicating movement of resources, in imperfect market conditions, between dyads or a network via a social process (Emerson, 1987). In the above diagram, the letters represents actors and the arrows depict the movement of resources.

According to Hormans (1958), the initiator of the theory, it was developed to understand the social behavior of humans in economic undertakings. Power is the mechanics that can explain the relation of the actors (Emerson, 1962 and Blau, 1964). Power results from resource dependency (Emerson, 1962) in a dyadic relation but in a network exchange model, it is also derived from the structure (Cook,1977) - structural power. The fundamental difference between economic exchange and social exchange theory is in the way actors are viewed. The theory has evolved from a dyadic model to a network model (Cook, 1977) with market properties (Emerson, 1987). 1961.Exchange as a Conceptual Framework for the Study of Interorganizational Relationships.

The impact of developer responsiveness on perceptions of usefulness and ease of use: an extension of the Technology Acceptance Model. Implementation Team Responsiveness and User Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management: A Quasi-Experimental Design Study of Social Exchange Theory. Here we share our observations and research and reflect on its meaning for Christian faith and practice.

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