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Fear has been shown to have a low and short vibration whereas Love has a longer and higher vibration.
When we are in a negative vibrational pattern, that is we are acting out of fear, we tend to attract situations, people and lessons in our life to bring awareness towards our behaviour.
Also, if I could make one suggestion, I’d remove the Einstein quote that appears toward the bottom of this page, or at least giving him credit for it. Long ago, I was traumatised, and when I experienced the wonder of healing, I recall noticing for the first time that my mind and sprit expanded to great horizons. Your thoughts are only one factor that contribute to the frequency your vibrate and resonate with. The first 3 chakras correspond to our Ego consciousness and are the seat of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
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Visionary digital art work expressing the cosmic vibration of harmony, expansion, and oneness. When we act out of fear, we are calling on a lower vibration resonance whereas when we act out of love, we are aligning ourselves with a higher vibrational resonance and attracting more positive things towards us. Just the same, when we begin to think on a more positive, or loving note we are able to grow in consciousness and contribute towards the greater healing of the self, planet and all of mankind.
With constant practice and reminders, you can raise your vibration and begin attracting all on the path of love. Gratitude: the most beneficial way to raise your vibration is to count your blessings and really allow your self to experience a deep sense of sheer thankfulness and gratitude.
Whether you prefer guided mediations or sitting in stillness, the wondrous effects of this practice reach both the physical, energetic and spiritual levels.
Create: Find something you love to do, such as playing music, cooking, creating art etc and do more of it! Give: giving from the pureness of your heart has been shown to not only improve your health but it can also raise your vibration.
Abundance is the complete awareness and acceptance that all your needs will be provided for and that you are given everything you need in order to survive and live a fulfilled life.
Wise with Words: the words you speak and think carry their own powerful vibrational resonance and whether you talk ill about someone else or towards yourself, there is no difference. The more active you are and the more you exercise, the more energy begins to flow through your body. Let it Go: Walking around with a victim-like mentality stems from fears developed in our past and the ones we imagine for our future.

Fears often stem from ignorance as once we know and understand the situation, we tend to stop fearing it. Loved Ones: spending time with family and friends is also a great way to raise your vibration and to put you in a positive mind set. One aspect that is left out, but which I believe is implied throughout all the other suggestions is: Focus. I believe firmly that happiness is valuing what you have, not longing for whatever you haven’t got. The way you feel at any given moment, your subconscious beliefs, your emotional pain body, energetic blockages and even your physical health will have a direct impact on your frequency and attract you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with that particular frequency. When we are operating mainly from our lower chakras we have limited access to our Higher Self awareness where our intuition, compassion and higher giving love reside. Embody a state of emotional, mental and spiritual mastery.Rise above discordant and negative energies from other people.
We hold monthly Reiki Shares and drum circles along with Shamanic journeying and healing drum circles.
Keep a daily gratitude journal, or keep a list close by to remind you how lucky you truly are. Learn to recognize and appreciate beauty wherever you go, from a simple flower to the beautiful pattern the clouds make. Whether you choose to mediate or do breath work, going within and listening to the rise and fall of your inhale and exhale can help to raise your vibration. When we are engaged and happy in what we are doing, our mood elevates and our vibration does too. By doing something for someone in need, or donating your time to a local charity, you are not only giving back but you are also giving to yourself.
Trusting in the abundance of the Universe and Mother Earth raises your vibration and in-turn attracts more abundance towards you.
When we gossip, complain or put others down we align ourself on a negative vibrational path.
This flow of energy helps to raise your vibrational resonance and also helps to uplift your mind. By letting go and realizing the present moment we can release the fear and begin to understand that we do have control over our lives and how we choose to handle situations. When you face your fears you also release their control over your life which opens up infinite possibilities and opportunities.
Having a meaningful conversation with a loved one can help develop a sense of connectedness and community, both of which help to raise your vibration.

I believe it causes discredit to your article because those words are not documented as him saying.
Think about it, have you ever met someone who made the decision to bring closure to a relationship because of betrayal or abuse, and then got into a new relationship only to end up re-creating the same experiences? Instead by constantly energizing and identifying with lower frequency emotions like shame, guilt, anxiety, sadness and fear we remain stuck in our lower chakras and trapped in the limited Ego consciousness. We also offer classes on different forms of divination, healing modalities, meditation and much more. When you begin to notice and appreciate all that is around, you begin to tap into a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness which in turn, raises your vibration.
When we move into the creative headspace we also help to activate our chakras and still our minds, creating space and awareness.
When we speak and reflect without judgement, and understand that our words carry their own frequency, we begin to raise our vibration.
No matter what events present themselves to us, it is our attitude that determines the outcome. When you let go of your fears, you stimulate the energetic flow of abundance, joy and love. This is because they haven't changed or raised their frequency thus they remain stuck in a karmic loop where the same thing keeps happening over and over again.
This is what leads to a life of dissatisfaction where humans try hopelessly to fill a void with material possessions, power acquisition and trying to control other people. As one progresses and taps into the higher chakras, one can begin to resonate and enjoy frequencies such as peace, bliss, joy and enlightenment. Going form an Ego based consciousness and embodying your Higher Self is the key to manifest all that is for your highest good and in alignment with your ultimate potential. Unless you raise your frequency and radically change the vibratory oscillation of the particles that make up your auric field all your attempts to manifest what you desire will be futile. This is the reason why affirmations rarely work and why people who only focus on shifting their thoughts in hopes to align with the Law of Attraction see limited and non lasting results. Imagine raising your energetic vibrations at such a high level that you literally transform into a magnet that attracts success, love, joy, health and abundance.
This can only occur by embarking in a total life shift that fully engages your heart and spirit, allowing you to surrender to your Higher Self and enter a harmoniously life flow like never before.

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