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Continuando la navigazione, acconsenti alla raccolta, utilizzo e trasferimento da parte nostra dei tuoi dati personali nei nostri server negli Stati Uniti Da€™America, come descritto nella Privacy Policy del sito. 11 Oct 2009 I can't even remember the name of the first typing program that we got, but it was fairly useless.
This new program is apparently designed to incorporate a mindset steeped in the battlefield according to the video description.
Is pulling the slide slightly back (press check I’m assuming?), ejecting the magazine and looking at it (to see if there’s at least 1 round left in it?) something real operators who operate in operations always should do after dropping tangos? Starting every drill with his hands up in the air by his face seem different than how I would think these guys would train for real life too.
I don’t recall what M9 magazine holes look like, but on a Glock magazine those holes are often useless not to mention hard to see. A lot of people are trained to tap the back of a pistol’s slide, any pistol, after a press check. Considering the course of fire I shot in 2008 was the same as the one I fired in 1989, it’s good that some progress is being made. The extractor works as a loaded chamber indicator on the M9, all you need is to have your finger wander over it to know if you’ve got a round in the chamber.
The sad truth is that the grunts don’t get enough firearms training to really be proficient with their guns. This looks like what a could have been a good idea but sadly to many people that dont actually shoot got involved and alot of good idea fairies got involved. The average experience level in these comments consists of watching Magpul DVDs over and over.

Part of the problem is that the M9 is issued to leadership who have either never had to fire a weapon in a real fight or haven’t in so long that they have forgotten what a weapon represents in a combat zone.
The non-shooters go to the range twice a year and overseas, the weapon just becomes part of the uniform.
I was also concerned about all the attention paid to the security check but looking down to find your spare mag and also to holster. SpongeBob SquarePants is a cartoon character that probably needs very little or no introduction whatsoever.
We use our own and third-party cookies to give a better service and provide customized advertising to our users. And the Spongebob typing program was not Teacher and Parent links and lesson plans are available to help support the While any SpongeBob fan can use this to brush-up their typing skills, 6th, 7th and 5 Oct 2009 Can someone recommend a good at-home, secular typing program? And the slide tap is to ensure that your pistol is not out-of-battery after the press check, better safe then sorry.
I would imagine they would be near impossible for your brain to make sense of especially if you’re under extreme stress. If it’s pitch black (night in the middle of nowhere), then how does a press-check help!? It’s assumed that people will half-ass out of their nature and especially under stress. Watching the press-mag-tap routine that this guy has already done enough to be mechanical, I think it might come from a Military perspective of how to solve some of the well known problems with the M9. They are often out of tolerance in so many ways that it needs to just be chucked and replaced but they won’t do that if it still functions.

But be careful, because the clock is ticking, and you must pass each of the tests within the estimated time. I’ve also never chambered a round, fired a few rounds off, and ended up with an empty chamber but still had a loaded mag. I have handled and fired hundreds of Military owned M9s and they are some of the most mistreated and poorly maintained weapons I’ve ever seen. The ammo check looked to me like he was making sure the top round was seated in the mag and not partially stripped when the pistol fired. I can understand checking how many rounds are in your mag, given that there is time in the fight to do so, but I just don’t get the point of a press check. The Zanshin, or combat mindset, is at the end of each sequence to address an age-old problem in combat: You are at your most vulnerable at the instant you have just taken out one of the enemy. The tap is something I’ve had to do during time competitions but never at any other time. Download a trial version of Spongebob Typing, if you love it, buy it for less than half the price of a posted cd-rom!
Dive right into a step-by-step typing tutorial that's awash with all your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants friends! Now kids of all ages can learn to type the Because of my training schedule for cross country, I opted to live at home The teachers had 10 of our kids on a SpongeBob typing program while 2 played Wii.

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