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One of the largest tattoo galleries on the internet with thousands of award winning designs. Lily tattoos are very popular, with the only tough part deciding what type of lily you want to ink on.
Traditional Lilies: This is a long-stemmed garden flower with curled back petals from a horn-shaped face. Tiger Lily Tattoos: This type is similar to other lily tattoos but its petals are reddish-orange.

FLEUR-DE-LIS Lily: This French variety is a three-pedaled flower that’s banded at the base. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a spell for the “Transformation into the Water Lily”.
A white lily is considered to be a flower of chastity and is a representation of suppressing desires and purity.
Besides being Bangladesh’s national flower, there are several stories and myths that exist for the spiky plant.

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