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The ranking of stock exchanges could be based on various factors such as number of companies listed in the market, market capitalization and turn over at the end of year. This is the third largest stock exchange in the Asian continent and second largest in the People Republic of China.
During the year of 2011, this stock exchange stood at 6th position in terms of market capitalization. TSE is the third largest stock exchange all over the world and first largest stock exchange among the Asian countries. This is located in the most famous Wall street, New York and it was established in the year of 1792.
Here I have used market capitalization factor and listed the top 10 stock exchanges in the world. Formed in the year of 1990 and these organizations are not entirely open to the foreign investors and there are strict regulations issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission. This is the real international market in which nearly 3,000 companies from 70 different countries are listed. Finally Australian Securities Exchange was created in the year of 2006 by the merger of Australian Stock Exchange and Sydney Future Exchange. The index of Shanghai Stock Exchange has reached a maximum of 6,000 points during the year of 2007 and now it is floating nearer to the 2,500 mark.

Now mostly electronic transaction happens and this happens to be the world’s largest stock exchange. You have been running the business successfully for 10 years and now you do wish to expand the same to other cities in the country.
In the 11th century, in the city of Cairo (currently the capital of Egypt), Yuthas and Mughals were involved in the buying-selling trade and this is the Rishi Moolah for all the stock exchanges of the world. When this stock exchange was introduced with new methods of transaction in the year of 2005, it was severely affected by bugs and shut down completely for four and half hours.
Say you may need another 100 thousand dollars to realize your dream.  But you don’t possess that much capital. As per the record, the first stock exchange of the world was “Amsterdam Stock Exchange” formed in the year of 1602 by the Dutch East India Company. Then you have to either borrow that money from lenders or convince your known ones to join as partners.
Then this concept spread to all the countries gradually and stock exchanges were formed throughout the world by the Traders organization. Various branches of this exchange are located at Luxemberg, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Spain.
Initially It was named  Association of Brokers, Hong Kong in 1891 but later it was renamed as Hong Kong stock exchange in 1914.

Stock exchange went through numerous changes and recently in the year of 2011, it was announced publicly that London Stock Exchange had merged with TMX group.
In both these cases, there is a higher probability of ruining your business or organization. The first stock exchange of Canada was formed in the year of 1852 by the Association of the Brokers of that country and later on they grew into the seventh largest stock exchange in the world.
Instead of convincing 10 people to invest 10 thousand dollars per person, you can invite 1000 people to invest 100 dollars per person.
Including the pre market and post market sessions they would function between 7 am and 8 pm. Apart from BSE, other important stock exchange of India is National Stock Exchange which was formed in the year of 1994.

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