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As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Finding free stock images for commercial use for your website or for your next giveaway can be a pain. Please note, even though we’ve done our best to provide you with this list of sites, we suggest you always do your own research when using an image to ensure that its license allows for what you plan to do with the photo. Giancarlo is the co-founder of ViralSweep, the easiest way to build and manage sweepstakes on your website. I believe, DreamyPixel would make a great addition to this awesome list of image resources.
Chances are you’re pretty tired of seeing traditional stock photos of people in suits shaking hands. In this showcase I put together a collection of 20 sites with beautiful free stock photos that you can choose from. If you’re looking for pictures with a different point of view, you can give this one a go.
All of the images on the website are taken by Thomas Mühl and are free of copyright restrictions.
Raumrot features a selection of photos that have been curated and handpicked for our convenience. Public Domain Archive is not specifically a free stock photo site but they do have an extensive collection of free stock photos without copyrights. This Tumblr blog is a selection of high-quality stock photos for personal and commercial use. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

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Just running a quick search for free stock photos, or royalty-free photos will bring you to tons of deceptive websites that require payment to download any of their images. We’ve specifically chosen sites that offer Creative Commons Zero licenses or similar so that the images are free to use for commercial purposes. We offer 3 new images each week that may be used freely and without attribution for any purpose (Creative Commons CC0 – Public Domain). I offer there my photos for free – for personal or commercial use, no attribution is required (CC0 licence).
The website is composed of completely free stock pictures all owned by me that anyone may use for whatever purpose they want to with no need of attribution.
He is giving back to the open source community (which he greatly admires) by sharing his photographs under the Creative Commons License ShareAlike 4.0. Snapwire is a site where mobile stock photographers can submit their photos to answer various requests made by others. The idea behind this project is to publish old retro photos from Public Archives which are free of known copyright restrictions. You can use the search bar to find what you need or have a browse under categories which features people, animals, food and architecture among other things. There may not be as many choices compared to some of the other sites but you can choose from scenery, landscape, objects and animals. You can use the regular search box, look via tags or look under the different categories featured at the top to find the best picture.

The names on the photos are pretty generic so you may want to use the category or search option to find things easily.
There are plenty of different photos to choose from but make sure to give credit to the creator. Instead of just searching by categories or licenses, you can also search via the dominant color featured in the pictures. It’s basically a collection of images from my travels around South East Asia and South America (soon). Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. The good news is that there has been a rise in great stock photo sites that you can use for free – yes, for both personal and commercial use. Do read the licenses carefully though as some of these services and photos may require proper attribution. Make sure to read the license of each image before using as some photos may require attribution.
So if you’re looking for more retro photos for your project, you know where to look at.

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