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Printable Illuminated Manuscript Letters, Medieval Lettering Styles Alphabet Inspiration, Ornamental Letter Design for Type Design and Lettering Artists, Medieval Illuminations & Symbolic Writing Here we add to our collection Medieval Lettering Styles Alphabet Inspiration for CAPI students. There are all kinds of different lettering styles, from the traditional illuminated letters that especially popular in editions of medieval illuminated manuscripts , often written by monks trained in calligraphy and ornamental letter transcription. Milliande's - a place for nurturing Contemporary Artists, from Graphic Designer, Colorist, Artistic Game Developers, Animators, Art School students and Creative Artisans to Digital Painters, Mixed Media Artists, 3-D Design Sculptors, Art Teachers and every creative person in between .. Over the years lettering styles alphabet designs and the way we generally write has changed a lot.

With the invention of different inks, pens and writing implements as well as lettering software we have a lot of choices. By using Milliande Printables you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use-I reserve the right, at my own discretion, to update or revise the Copyright and Terms of Use. Here we will share some inspiration from times gone by that may jumpstart your own creative journey in designing letterforms that appeal to you and your project. Often symbolic imagery was used in addition to curly flourishes, like symbolic plants, animals, mythical creatures, religious symbols,.

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