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Lightning Sorcerer has become one of the most nerfed classes in PvP, but it can be a fun spec to play, having a 35 meters range with all your attacks, and barely worrying about running out of Force. In PvP, Lightning Sorcerer is one of the less used specs, but you can put up quite a lot of damage, a decent survivability and amounts of healing.
The purpose of this guide is to help every Sorcerer improve their mastery of this class (as they say, Sorcerer is an easy class but hard to master).
Again, the target audience of this guide is quite broad, so hopefully Sorcerers of all skill levels will get something out of it. The how to gear a Lightning Sorcerer is pretty much down to personal preferences, different sorcerers recommend different set ups. The stats that you should take (in order of priority) are Power, Critical Rating and Alacrity Rating. Critical Chance 1543 (5 Critical Enhancements, 8 Advanced Critical Augment 40, 1 Critical Earpiece, 1 Critical Implant).
Alacrity Rating 484 (2 Alacrity Enhancements, 1 Alacrity Implant, 1 Advanced Alacrity Augment 40). This stat increases your Force Critical Chance and your force critical multiplier (pretty much all of your abilities are “force abilities”). Force Critical Multiplier is percentage by which Critical hits or heals increase damage health dealt. With 5 stacks of Focal Lightning, you will win a 5% extra alacrity and it will go up to 10.49%. Power has become a basic stat for sorcerers and pretty much every slot or gear includes this stat.

Lightning Sorcerer should only run Relic of Serendipitous Assault (chance to give extra power) and Relic of Focused Retribution (chance to give extra mastery).
These stats are my personal preference; you might see differences on the percentages on your character tab (Force Tab), because all the gear I show is ranked. Different utilities should be used in different situations, in the case of sorcerer you don?t have much to pick up on Skillful part, but you do on Heroic and Masterful. Keep in mind you are most easily to get interrupted and shut down playing Lightning than Madness, so you need to be smart with the utilities you pick in order to put out the highest damage you can. Sap Strength – Targets stunned by your Electrocute suffer Sapped Strength when Electrocute wears off, which reduces all damage dealt by 25% for 10 seconds. Force Suffusion – Overload heals you and up to 7 affected allies for xxxx-xxxx (Depends on your Bonus Healing). Chain Shock – Shock gains a 25% chance to produce a second Shock that deals 25% damage.
Emersion – Force Speed grants Emersion, removing all movement-impairing effects and granting immunity to them for the duration. Electric Bindings – Overload binds its targets in electricity, immobilizing them for 5 seconds.
Suppression – Activating Cloud Mind grants Suppression, which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
There is currently no information on when Tauntaun Mounts will be arriving and how they will be obtained. Once again, special thanks to Inora and Xaldorna of Harbinger for providing me with these images and video.

I will discuss optimal positioning, melee kiting tactics, as well as ways to maximize your survivability and improve your situational awareness. There is a single thing every sorcerer agree (for PvP) is that you don?t need Accuracy at all. The amount you stack is really down to personal preference, but what I’ve listed is the most balanced you will get to maximize DPS, speed up global cooldowns, and force regeneration. Force Critical is the chance that a successful Force Power will deal critical damage or critical heal.
Furthermore, a higher alacrity rating will boost Force Regeneration, which can be quite helpful if you have force management issues. There might be a difference of 100-200 points with the Regular gear, there might also be a difference since I have very fewDatacrons. The regular and ranked gear comes with some accuracy (enhancements) on it, you will have to change them. Regular WZs, Solo Ranked or Team Ranked), every situation demands a different Utilities set up.

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