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The MacGregor 26 is no longer being built as the MacGregors have retired from production boat building. Resale value on the MacGregor 26 has remained high in relation to the value of boats stored in the water. Sharp Marine Industries was the exclusive International Distributor of the MacGregor 26, through a network of dealerships in over 23 countries and directly to customers in all other countries worldwide.
The Tattoo 26, is a trailerable, 26-foot motorsailer built by Paul Sharp and Laura MacGregor Sharp. Optimizing space with the table and the slide-away galley makes room for an enclosed head, a comfort not always seen on boats this size. Some of the extra space comes from the fact that the engine is mounted outboard, and it's an engine that could power a boat three times the displacement of the 26. As a centerboarder, the 26 needs ballast, and instead of lead in the bilge, which would affect trailering performance, the boat uses about 1,700 pounds of water ballast for stability. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get the latest from SAILING Magazine delivered via email. With sleeping room for 6, galley area and a fully-enclosed head, the Tattoo 26 offers a range of amenities and level of comfort unequalled in any other sailing boat of its size.

The weathertight cabin has full standing headroom and comfortable accommodations for family cruising. Large windows make the cabin light and airy, and the foredeck hatch provides lots of ventilation. Because of the solid fiberglass laminates used in the construction process, these boats seem to have no age limit.
Building the Tattoo 26 from established molds means that it is a proven design, and buyers can sail-or motor-their new boats with confidence. The Sharps remodeled the boat for the next generation of sailors, who will like the square-topped main, the halyards running aft to the cockpit and other changes, including cosmetic ones. Ranging from 5 to 60 horsepower, the larger engines push the boat into powerboat performance, in the 20-knot range. The centerboard control line is lead to the cockpit, and the centerboard itself folds entirely into the hull. The boat's less than 8-foot beam and 2,500-pound dry weight makes it narrow and light enough to trailer to nearly any lake with paved road access, and the 12-inch draft means that it launches off most boat ramps-and then anchors nearly on the beach. There is a full double berth at the forward end of the cabin, and a fully-enclosed head compartment on the right.

The complete lack of exterior woodwork, means that there is no time-consuming wood to maintain or refinish.
Free of rusting and refinishing, many of the boats, after ten years, still look as good as the day they left the factory. It also means that the Tattoo 26 has some of those renown MacGregor features, such as powerful engine capabilities and water ballasting that make the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 stand out among other small sailboats. The 6-foot headroom interior is warmer with bamboo trim and a multi-purpose table with built-in storage that also converts into a berth. That's a protective feature: once the board is up, it's safe from hard landings on sand or the trailer. According to the Sharps, it takes about 5 minutes to fill or drain the tanks, and they can be drained while the boat is rolling down the road.
There is a large storage cabinet below the galley, with a pair of doors for easy access.??The dinette area has a large solid table that can be lowered to form a single berth with an optional cushion.

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