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Since an early age JB’s family encouraged him in developing his artistic and creative abilities.
Johan comes from a deeply artistic family and has been a tattoo artist for nearly 20 years. Having fallen in love with body piercing when I was 13, by the time I turned 17 I found the shop I knew I wanted to call home.
He studied at the Art Institute while honing his skills in graphic design, graffiti, and sketching. When Johan was 14 years old, his brothers invited him to join them on a trip to a tattoo shop. He asked his mother if it would be ok for him to get a tattoo and she told him to go ahead because she didn’t think he would have the courage to do it.
He has always been intrigued by design and studied commercial design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota-Colombia.
One day while he was working on a mural for a client, a tattoo shop, the owner was impressed with his work.

His personal and most preferred tattoo style is focused on oriental art and polynesian, with an extraordinary concept of bright colors and strong expressions of vitality and life throughout his tattoo style. Javier Acero believes that tattoos are everlasting in a great sense, which joins the mobility of the person, projecting the art form on the canvas of life which is the skin.
That night he ordered a beginner kit online and immediately started an offbeat apprenticeship. He is well-known for creating magic with his tattoos (a tattoo magician), due to his passion for the art form. Years later, JB is now a member of the Miami Tattoo Co family.  JB loves to study new techniques that he picks up from various artists he meets and works with.
Javier Acero has won a variety of awards and has been recognized by many for the craftsmanship within his tattoos and in other areas within the art world. He strives to develop ways to give the traditional a new twist by channeling his creativity and passion through progressive methods.
Miami most of the time, he also makes trips to national and international tattoo conventions.

Working behind the scenes and getting to know more passionate piercers has only strengthened my passion for body piercing. During the expo no visitors came to get work done by Johan, so he tattooed himself instead. After the expo, Johan went home to Venezuela, sold everything he owned, and invited his brother, all to begin a better life in the U.S. He was offered work in several cities but chose to stay here in Miami Beach and ultimately to become part of the Miami Tattoo Co.

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