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This Tattoo Artist Magazine is a bilingual Chinese-English print from the other side of the world. My style is mostly realism, like portraits, pin ups, wild life and so on, but I love designing tribal and bio-mechanical pieces and all kinds of fantasy and non-figurative stuff.
However, the good thing is tou can establish what you are or you can be because you don't learn the art of tattooing through someone else's eyes and methods.Another positive result for this long, tiring and sometimes depressing way of improving is that you are not forced to tattoo in someone else's way.
TatCon Level 3, For the Record, Hank Panky Column, Product Review, Book Review, and much more.
He loves the opportunity to create new designs of render unique designs conceived by others.Individualized designs are a personal statement and every motif is a new challenge.
It means I?m trying to include a bit of the customer's personality into the tattoo if I can.

He specializes in creating imaginative custom designs that express each customer's individual artistic preference. Tribal pieces require more patience during the procedure and a different kind of attention to technical knowledge compared to other styles.The are kind of relaxing pieces between two big realistic pieces, and I love how they twist and disappear and reappear.
He gave me a few hours demonstration and I bought one of his homemade tattoo machine and a power supply. The most valuable information he provided was the addresses of tattoo supply companies all over the world. I really like those pieces that give you not only visual satisfaction but a little contentment behind the scene.
I prefer customers who have a particular idea in mind because that works on me like a kick start on a bike; but, I need freedom in my creation if you want a real nice piece.

I made my first tattoo in 1994 on a really drunk guy in a rather smoky, bad looking pub on the rural side of Budapest.
He will help ever client develop and customize the design to meet everybody's requirements. He says a tattoo is art on a living canvas.He cannot imagine a higher from artistic expression.

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