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Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! Polynesian tattoo artist Orly Locquiao poses in front of a tattoo-themed mural for Pow Wow Hawaii.
Tattoo artist Orly Locquiao made his name as a specialist in the design of Polynesian tribal work. Orly Locquiao's Polynesian tribal tattoos frame San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's chest tattoo. Of course, his work adorns the body of his clients, a recent one being noted quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, who took his team after a long absence to the Super Bowl last month. Locquiao, 37, came to the attention of the already heavily-inked football player when he and his brother Jason got in contact with Kaepernick through the team barber. With Kaepernick’s subsequent success, the brothers wanted his permission to market T-shirts designed with the Kaepernick name and tattoos on it through their Cukui Clothing brand based out of San Jose, Calif.
This week, Locquiao is finishing up his collaborative Pow Wow Hawaii mural with fellow clothing designer Sam Rodriguez, located next door to the Tropical Blend surf shop on Pohukaina St. Viewed from left to right, you can see the contrast of the fluidity of Locquiao’s freehand tattoo-themed art as it juxtaposes with Rodriguez’s abstract portraiture.
Locquiao — who has family in Ewa Beach and Waipahu — said he’s been tattooing for more than 15 years after starting with graffiti as a teenager in San Jose. The art he’s doing for Pow Wow Hawaii marks a “big transition” for Locquiao, who is working on a mural for the first time.
While Locquiao still does flash art, biker-style tattooing for his clientele, he’s made his reputation with Polynesian tribal work, thanks to the teachings and inspiration of Po‘oino Yroundi (now living in France) and Aisea Toetu‘u of Soul Signature Tattoo, located on Kapiolani Blvd. This story about cover-ups was inspired by a friend of the site who wrote the following about her experiences with a cover-up she had done. For those that can relate or have the old blob of sunburnt skin and ink that once resembled a rose, there is help. This article will share others cover up experiences and introduce some local tattoo artists that specialize in cover ups. Locquiao is doing a collaboration with fellow Bay Area artist Sam Rodriguez, pictured in background. You can see this in his collaborative work with Sam Rodriguez as part of the ongoing Pow Wow Hawaii street art festival in Kaka’ako.

Kaepernick had become the 49ers signal caller, and an unexpected star in his own right, after starter Alex Smith went down with a concussion. With a working relationship established, Kaepernick wanted Locquiao to add his Polynesian tribal art to his own “body” of work. 6, three days after the big NFL championship game, when Locquiao tattooed Kaepernick’s chest and shoulders, framing the scripted “Against All Odds” that was already emblazoned across his chest.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Sharing an experience with someone who has gone through something similar creates a new avenue for conversation, education and growth. This is how I feel, like stepping into a TA meeting, every time I go to the Handlery pool and doff my top. I am guilty of the 18-year-old tribal armband, yet I dona€™t classify it as a bad decision, impulse a€“ yes, but it marks a time and story in my life. My own personal cover up was a learning experience and made me research artists before finding the right one, and it the cover up has lead to large collection of artwork, including almost 2 full sleeves and a leg piece.
Chad was extremely creative and well aware of how to use his tattooing skills to cover the atrocious tattoo on my back. I tell them they need to not only look at the artwork, but to also look at the finished pieces.
Featuring shops such as Analog Tattoo, Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio, Guru Tattoo, Metamorphic Tattoo, Current Tattooing, and Soul Imagez Tattoo Studio, San Jose is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink.
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Having experiences that others can relate to often helps to relieve the stress, discomfort or embarrassment of a situation. And just as alcoholics bear the badge of premature wrinkles, liver medication and rotten teeth, so too tattoos anonymous' bear the banner of bad decisions from their youth in the form of tribal marks, exe's names, and zodiac signs. This is an opportunity for you to find your own good artist and enhance some of the physical markings of days gone by.
I looked up some flowers on the internet and brought them to Chad as a guide to what I was looking for. With a population of around 967,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town.

Tattoo cover-ups fall into a category that not many are comfortable with sharing their stories. Therea€™s not really a do-over for a cover up due to the size and amount of ink required to cover old ink. Make sure they are using ONLY sterilized equipment and they are changing their gloves regularly. Most bad tattoo decisions come at the stage in your life where impulse decisions and the chance to look like a bad ass out weigh the rational decision to research a good artist.
A dried up alcoholic will always have a set of false teeth to lug around, but a tramp stamp can be transformed into a badass back piece. Full cover-ups are possible and with the correct artist, an old piece can be resurrected with new ink or covered to create a new chapter in the storybook. So unless you are a fan of lasers, please take the time to educate yourself and research to find an artists that understands what you are looking for and you feel comfortable with.
Google Places lists 472 different tattoo shops in the San Jose area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Not many care to talk about the underage trip to the seedy tattoo shop across town or friend of a friends basement to get the tribal armband or butterfly and daisies inked permanently onto your flesh so you could show up to school on Monday and be the talk of the lunchroom. State of Grace currently boasts one of the largest selection of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Yokohama Horiken, Horitomo, Jill Horiyuki Bonny, Colin Horisou Baker, Dan Wysuph, Rob Struven, Drew Flores, Josh David, and Takahiro Horitaka Kitamura.
He did such a great job covering the old tattoo that I almost forget that I even had it in the first place. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.
I chose the later, but have chosen to keep the scorpio, an insignia on my ankle, as proof of my 18-year old innocence.

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