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In the five months since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, manufacturers of bulletproof clothing and body armor say sales have been unprecedented.
The majority of their customers, as might be expected, are buying bullet-resistant clothing for safety reasons. Caballero's vests and jackets are lightweight, thermo-regulating, and can stop rounds from a 9 mm round or a .357 Magnum soft point.
By 2009, the New York Times was crediting others in pop culture with the fad, including Jack Bauer of "24" fame. The truth is, your tattoos ( and trust us, we are covered in our own artwork ) will only ever be as good as the artwork provided to the tattoo artist. The companies aren't just selling tactical vests, but also bulletproof jackets, dress suits, windbreakers, T-shirts a€“ even ballistic corsets, kimonos and a wetsuit.

Miguel Caballero, a major bulletproof clothing company based in Colombia, says its products are sold to business executives, law enforcement, foreign correspondents, and world presidents in 11 countries a€“ any VIP with a security concern.
The beginnings of bulletproof fashion in America - or, more accurately, bullet-resistant, since none of the wear is ever guaranteed to stop a bullet - is largely credited to the rapper 50 Cent, who after being struck by nine bullets in 2000 took to wearing bulletproof vests religiously.
In a 2010 interview, rapper Lloyd Banks, who started G Unit with 50 cent, said: "Honestly I can't say we've seen an impact like G-Unit has had in the last decade. By 2005, news reports were citing a new and "disturbing trend" in hip hop fashion: fake bulletproof vests, generally made of Velcro and fabric. We dont want to be jerks here but the truth is anyone caught using these images on clothing or any other kind of product will be prosecuted. When you walk into a tattoo studio with a small picture your printed out from google, your tattoo artist has no detail to work with. When President Obama stepped out of his presidential limo shortly after his inauguration in 2009, he reportedly wore Miguel Caballero protective gear, but the throngs of waving onlookers never knew it. The vests soon spread to more mainstream fashion, including tattoo artist Ed Hardy's apparel line, which sold a T-shirt printed with an image of a bulletproof vest, bragging it was in the same style as G Unit's.

Bulletproof wear started popping up more in video games, such as the immensely popular first and third-person shooter game "Call of Duty," which has released nine versions a€“ many involving bulletproof gear a€“ since the game came out in 2003. In the month after the shooting, Miguel Caballero says it received 1,000 requests for products in its kids' collection.
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Another maker of bulletproof gear, Bullet Blocker, says business on its apparel side has grown about 100-150 percent since the shooting, more than it ever had since the company launched in 2007.

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