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Wer aktuell mit dem Gedanken an ein neues oder gar erstes Tattoo spielen sollte, sich allerdings bei dem Uberangebot an moglichen Motiven einfach nicht entscheiden kann, ist bei Tattoo-Artist Jay Freestyle eventuell genau an der richtigen Adresse. He is called Jay Freestyle and the last part of his name is actually what he does frequently: he improvises tattoo designs during his session with his client.
Wenn du andere Tattoo Arten und Stile suchst, bist Du bei uns genau richtig – wir bieten noch viel mehr. Jay Freestyle is a 29-year-old tattoo artist and painter working at Dermadonna Custom Tattoos in Amsterdam.
How did you get into tattooing? I started off as a piercer and my mentor was the one to actually push me to learn tattooing. How would you describe your style? Sometimes when people try to explain or describe my style they, for a lack of better words call it “Jay Style”, which I kind of like.
How do you like to work with your clients? I like it when they have a basic idea of what they want in terms of subject matter and they just let me run with it. Not all artists can do that, but this South African living in Amsterdam is all about learning on his own and thinking outside of the box.

Originally born in South Africa and raised in a conservative Chinese family, Jay Freestyle was forced to immigrate to Europe, over ten years ago, due to the lack of any real creative scene in Johannesburg.
I started practising on artificial skin for a couple of months and once I felt confident I moved onto friends and co-workers. It is a fine line between giving enough input to get a feel of their personality and what they want and not so much as to ruin the creative process. A lot of ideas that people come up with are mostly to do with some sort of “happy” feeling.
Those that are fans of my work and understand what I do aren’t that surprised because they know what they’re getting into and already have a certain expectation. No stencils or anything pre-drawn? I draw directly onto the body, the basic composition and whatever I feel I need to have as reference.
His spontaneous creative process leaves clients in suspense, and then in awe with the cool tattoos he comes up with. I had a lot of work done on myself by professionals and that was one of the main ways I learnt and got into the trade.

Collectors that I have to convince into sharing my vision are the ones that come out surprised.
One of the most valued things I’ve gained from tattooing are the friends I’ve made over the years. I don’t however have anything pre-drawn, so the entire design process is done spontaneously (free-styled).
I would have never met these people that changed my life if I wasn’t a tattoo artist. Das der dafur aufzubringende Mut, die zu ertragende Spannung wahrend einer Sitzung und das immens riesige Vertraunen zu Jay, mit durchaus einzigartiger Korperkunst belohnt wird, zeigen die Bilder seiner Arbeiten.

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