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The art of Tattooing has been around for too many years to count dating all the way back from the 5th to 4th millennium BC.
A good tattoo artist will have a solid lookbook put together featuring all of their best work.
If your friend refers you to the same tattoo shop as they went to for a tattoo, that does not necessarily mean you will end up with the same quality tattoo. Tattoos have become a large part of our culture and with that you will find a lot of terrible tattoos. If you see a friend with a terrible tattoo, ask them who did their tattoo and then avoid going to that same artist.
A lot will even have their work available to see online via Facebook, Instagram or their website.

Most people go into their first tattoo blind acting on impulse more interested in the excitement rather than the art.
Tattooing is an art form and unfortunately just about anyone can pick up a tattoo gun and learn from a friend.
The artist’s lookbook should show the diversity of their skills and not just examples of flash art. I learnt how to play it in school and had so much fun with my friends that the song just stuck and is now my favourite!
Yes, we all know that tattoos are permanent but people still tend to make very poor choices throughout their life. Different tattoo artists have different styles as well, know exactly what you want so you can find the best artist for that style of tattoo you desire.

A good artist is not sitting around their shop waiting for clients, they will usually have a waiting list for you to schedule an appointment on.
With shows like Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master growing in popularity, the general public is beginning to see more into the world of a tattoo artist as well as the regretful decisions made by people just like themselves.

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