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The cute little butterfly your mom was never supposed to see or the amateur mistake of your ex-boyfriend’s name on your… uhm, let’s go with shoulder. Tattoos have become a mainstream culture and I’m pretty sure they can be found on almost every third person in a room. I’m pretty sure we’re not all idiots but just for interest sake, a tattoo is a permanent mark made when a pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skins top layer.
Several methods have been tried and some people even swear by special remedies, ointments and creams, the most ridiculous method I’ve heard of was one where you have to put hot condensed milk on your tattoo in my opinion it’s just a perfectly good waste of condensed milk.
Dermabrasion: Simple really, the skin would be sanded to remove the surface and middle layers which would usually leave patients with an uncomfortable and painful red mark.
Excision: The Dermatologic surgeon removes the tattoo with a scalpel and then has to close the wound with stitches. Because these procedures are so abrasive, they are not physician’s first choice, they left horrible scars and marks on patients that were even more unsatisfying than the tattoo itself. Depending on certain factors the number of treatments will vary from two to more sessions but according to the American Academy of Dermatology the procedure can eliminate tattoos with minimal or even no scaring.
How it works: The laser removes tattoos by breaking up the pigment colours of the tattoo with a high-intensity beam through short pulses. What will happen during the procedure: The Patient will have to wear protective eye shields and then the most effective energy for the treatment is determined by testing the laser on the required area. An icepack is applied after treatment and the patient will be asked to apply an antibiotic ointment on the area for about two to three weeks until the tissue heals. Things that might influence the removal of tattoos can vary from size to colour to the location on your body.
Yellow and green are the hardest colours to remove whilst blue and black are much easier compared to other colours. You have to accept the fact that the affected area won’t necessarily always look like its original state, science can only do so much.
This is a lengthy procedure and an expensive one at that which is why you need to really consider removing your tattoo or getting it in the first place because it’s much more expensive to have it removed than to have it put on. Note: Reduction in black outline and black shading on dark skinned individual, after only 1 tattoo removal session at Nirvana. Note: This patient had almost fully removed her home made unwanted tattoos after just one session!  She did complete the job by performing a second session. Note:  After two tattoo removal sessions the fish black, purple, blue, and turquoise are all much improved. Note: This young woman regretted her tattoo of earlier life, but removing it now as a mature person was exciting and positive for her. Note:  After 4 sessions of tattoo removal, this woman has had good reduction, and she has some temporary hyper and hypo pigmentation.

For as many reasons as people get tattoos, there are the same number of reasons why people want them removed.
The lasers we use are effective on all those colors, taking into consideration the factors mentioned in the previous question. You may experience some temporary reddening and crusting of the treated area and there may be some lightening or darkening of the skin for several months afterwards. At times, in order to save money or in the interest of convenience, some look to alternative methods of tattoo removal. Many centers promote laser tattoo removal, but dona€™t have a physician-directed program and treatments are often performed by unlicensed staff.
Some of these centers often only have access to one laser machine, meaning treatments are not customized and there is more risk for scarring.
If you have any questions or concerns about our tattoo removal treatments or would like information on what payment options are available to you, give our office a call - 239-561-3376.
We offer a full range of dermatology and skin care services to ensure your skin is healthy and beautiful. We specialize in treating conditions, such as: acne and acne scarring, eczema, skin & nail fungus, melasma & sunspots, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, warts, age spots, vitiligo.
Some of our little mishaps we encountered in the past are a bit more permanent than others, thus to erase the evidence, somewhat clever people have come up a solution (It’s not a time machine although that would have been nice).
Now imagine my surprise when read that almost 50% of the population decide to get their tattoos removed, this according to a tattoo physician specialising in removing tattoos in Amerca. The beams pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin and are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. Most patients describe the sensation of each pulse to that of little grease splatter (the kind you feel when making bacon) or being snapped by a rubber band.
Sometimes it can be hard for physicians to remove the tattoo completely because they can’t determine which of the 100 tattoo inks available today are used. Treated areas can lack normal skin colour or otherwise known as hypopigmentation (your skin will almost look like a healed second degree burn wound).
His tattoo start point was already faded, but certainly after one session he removed more than 80% of the residual color. He will need more, at which time he will have a fractionated laser peel on site to hurry recovery to smooth, normally pigmented skin. Within 5 sessions of tattoo removal, there was nearly zero reminder of this personal past history. At this point, after several sessions, removing one then another of the stars, she was 90+% done.
The patient had some grief over the recovery periods after treatment, but the combination of Q-switched Ruby and Fractionated Erb Yag were very effective in removing ink and healing of skin.

Nearly all colors can be effectively removed in as little as 3 to 4 sessions or in as many as 9 to 11 depending on the method by which the tattoo was placed, the types of dyes used, and the length of time the tattoo has been present.
We have two different types of Nd:YAG laser systems as well as an Alexandrite laser system.
It is important to remember that the ultimate result will depend on many factors such as the type of dye or ink used, how old the tattoo is, location, skin type and if there is any scarring from previous removal attempts. Between visits, avoid scrubbing the area and you may want to cover it lightly with a bandage. Machines sold online for home use are ineffective and often cause more issues than they resolve.A Patients can receive severe burns that can leave long lasting scars. The tattoo will then break up into smaller particles which will then be removed by the body’s immune system.
Other side effects include infection of the area, lack of complete pigment removal and a chance of permanent scaring. The residual color is due to red ink which characteristically moves much more slowly from the skin using a Q-switched Ruby laser. She was back one more time to finish it off and do the Fractionated Erb Yag laser ablation to induce skin turnover and homogenize the skin color and texture. Thanks to specialized, laser technology, we can safely fade your tattoos so there is little or no trace left. Our different laser systems allow us to customize treatment to meet the individual needs of each patient. Contact our office for a consultation so can give you more detailed information on what you will need. The laser selectively targets the pigment of the tattoo without damaging the top layer of your skin. There is some hyperpigmentation around the tattoo site which will resolve within just a few months.
She had some small amount of scar tissue on the medial cheek from a tattoo removal session done by another technology prior to her series done at Nirvana. We can apply the same technology to remove birthmarks and other undesired skin pigmentation. Unlike other techniques, laser tattoo removal treats without causing purpura, and the risk of scarring or changes in skin texture is greatly reduced. The sessions at Nirvana generally facilitate the return to normal skin by using a second laser to hurry the recovery to normal.

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