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Getting tattoo equipment (from an unknown source), Waters started tattooing the locals as a hobby. In 1917 Percy Waters got into trouble for tattooing the wrong person and was told to leave town or else! In 1939 Waters left Detroit and returned to his home in Anniston where he ran his supply business until his death in 1952.
Anniston is located in the eastern part of the state, about half way between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama.

He would often travel so he could visit tattoo artists in other cities, but always returned to Anniston and his foundry job.
After a brief stop in New York City, Waters settled in Detroit, Michigan where he stayed until the late 1930s. The legend goes that Waters saw his first tattooing at the sideshows of the traveling circuses that would pass through his hometown.
In the 20 years that Percy Waters worked in Detroit, he designed and manufactured many styles of tattoo machines.

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