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On May 13th, Chestermere welcomed its newest business located in the plaza of Rainbow Falls. For the past two years, Tim was a tattoo artist at a tattoo shop in Banff called Perfect Image. The shop’s open and spacious layout shows that neither tattoo artist is looking to hide their clients or their work, reinforcing that feeling of comfort and trust within the shop. For the past few months, Tim has been working out of a room at Lakeshore Esthetics and Tanning, owned by Jody Nakoneshney. Both Chris and Tim are extremely versatile when it comes to their level of expertise with different styles of tattoo art. The waiting room is furnished with comfortable couches and a glass table, as well as a viewing window. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.

The first tattoo shop to open in Chestermere, called Obsidian Rose Ink, is not only making its debut to the town but also aims to decrease the negative stereotype associated with tattooing. Tim has been a tattoo artist for the past seven years, starting first at home and then quickly being accepted in to a shop. However, both him and Emma had always wanted to open up their own shop, and this is what fuelled their move to Chestermere. From noon on the shop’s entrance area is lit up with natural light and offers a comfortable and inviting waiting space.
Emma and Tim’s son, William, was busy printing out price stickers for tattoo care products in the reception area the day after opening. Emma says that many thanks go out to her support in helping them take on a new business on their own.
However, Campbell commented that although he has no specific specialty he enjoys new school, and although Tim does not have a specific specialty he enjoys neo-traditional and realism.

If you are interested in discussing ideas for a future tattoo with either artist, you are asked to book an appointment for a consultation.
A reception desk sits across from two comfy white couches and a glass table, with a window where you can see Tim and the other tattoo artist, Chris Campbell, tattooing away. Each tattooing station has a television and wireless headsets so that clients can be distracted throughout the tattooing session if they wish. Obsidian Rose is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11-7, so stop by and check out a tattoo shop that aims to be a little bit different from all the rest.

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