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More prominently arm tattoos were  the most common part of the body that was done from the ancient times and is also preferred by the new generation of this era. If you want full coverage on your arms, you can choose some portray, animal tattoo, scenery, Vine of flowers, bunch of fruits, birds combined with other designs, fairies, feather tattoos, long and wide musical notes tattoos, permanent arm band or any other designs of your choice. We had a great response on our previous link of Sexy Lower Back Tattoos For Girls.A  So here is an awesome collection of 50 music tattoos for girls. Although tattoos can be located in various body spots such as neck, lower back, above the ankle on the upper arm, many girls find shoulder tattoos to be very sexy and extremely attractive.A Some sexy tattoo designs on your shoulder could be cute animals like cats, dogs and other furry house pets.
Some tattoos have meanings while others are purely for aesthetic purposes.A You may want to tryout a temporarily shoulder tattoo for a few weeks, and get some feedback from your friends before inking a permanent tattoo on your shoulders.
If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Designs for arm tattoo for girls can be chosen from lots of options that are available in the market now a days.

People used to have the concept that radical or rebellious people are the only ones who have their bodies inked.
Depending on one’s personal preferences and tastes, you can choose to have the tattoos inked on both shoulders or just a single stylish unique design on one shoulder. Many girls opt for the cute and fun tattoo on their body as it is an incredibly nice body art attachment in drawing people’s attention to your shoulder. As arms are the most easily noticeable part of the body and different types of tattoos ranging from small and simple to wide and complex can be made. You can make single star or a cluster of stars, heart tattoo where size may depend upon your wish, small musical notes, zodiac signs, single flower like rose, lotus or any flower you like, Flower tattoos can be made along with thin vines and laces, small sized feathers, butterflies of different colors and sizes.
Hence some European regions have even forbidden people from etching music tattoos on their skin.
The designs range from being a simple cursive font to more elaborate and sophisticated ink print designs. The list ofA designs can continue to span from inking butterflies, stars, heart symbols, flowers, dragon flies, zodiac signs, or even text tattoos with popular quotes or verses from the bible.

Some simple tattoo design can make you look cute and sexy while some wide range tattoo design can portray any thing or can be wild and meaningful. But before choosing any design for your arm make sure that it suits your personality and brings an impact on you.
In ancient times women use to make arm tattoos where they generally engraved the name of their husband. Day by day the custom traditions were broken and new generations have accepted the fashion of tattoo as the art made on the body.

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