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A Cobb County woman was arrested and recently bonded out of jail for letting her 10-year-old son get a tattoo honoring his late brother.
The best thing about choosing tattoos as a medium for expression, is that they are permanent.
And here's mom's tattoo: The tattooist who carried out the inking on the youngster has also been arrested'He asked me something that's in remembrance of his brother. Did Newt Gingrich break child labour laws by allowing his daughter to work as a church janitor at 13?
A teacher at Gaquana€™s school noticed the tattoo and contacted authorities.Napier was arrested and charged with misdemeanour cruelty and being a party to a crime. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
She is the first woman in his life, and he becomes the most important man in hers, the moment she holds him in her arms for the very first time. Nobody can know a man better than his mother, perhaps, even the man doesn't know things about himself that his mother already knows! How can I say no?'Napier said she took her son to a tattoo parlour in Smyrna where the tattoo featuring his brother's name and sports jersey number on his arm.
Buzzle presents a collection of 15 stunning mother-son tattoo designs that are worth getting all your attention!

If your mom doesn't belong to the anti-tattoo clan, then this would, perhaps, be a great way to show your love and admiration towards her. I haven't told anybody about it!" The connection, bond, understanding, intuition, whatever you wish to call it, is beyond logical understanding.
In fact, if someone asks us of the one person who will love us unconditionally and will stand by us irrespective of all the goof ups in our life, that person ain't a girlfriend or a wife―it's most definitely, a mother!15 Amazing and Meaningful Mother-son Tattoos and DesignsIn a world where words have lost their meaning, where verbal expressions hardly hold any value, tattoos have become a preferred choice for many who want to display the important aspects of their lives, in a substantially-loud-yet-silent manner. This tattoo captures all the emotions brilliantly!The epitome of a mother-son bond What could be a better example of an ideal mother-son bond than the one between our Blessed Virgin Mother and Christ Jesus?
We might have told our moms innumerable times of how much we love her, but during the bad days, in the midst of all the arguments, fights, misunderstandings, and differences, these words don't really mean much. We needn't say more.A matching mother-son tattoo Matching tattoos are in vogue these days, and who could be the best person to get it with than the mother who taught you how to match your tie and shirt?A memoir of mother's lullaby The moon has been the witness of the many nights that you have spent singing countless lullaby, playing with your baby and admiring his face under the moonlight. This tattoo remarkably refreshes those moments, doesn't it?A unique depiction of the "learning phase" They say that a man is what his mother makes him.
While we don't really agree to this completely, but yes, we agree that it is only a mom that teaches him a lot many things that a dad can't. This tattoo innocently depicts mama polar bear's proud smile when her son catches his first fish and gives it to her. Touching!The best of her memories Yet another portrait tattoo that remarkably shows a mother who becomes happier by the age, probably because she is blessed with a great son.

For a mother, the feeling of seeing her child smile, laugh, acknowledge her presence for the first time, is indescribable. It brilliantly depicts that a mother not only holds her son when he is little, but even when he "grows up". There is nothing more peaceful and fulfilling than holding your baby, and being held by your mother. If the good-old days when the first snow of winter was meant to be a mother-son time to make a snowman together, watching the first winter snow still ignites your memories every season, doesn't it? The thing that strengthens a mother-son bond isn't the big expectations; it is the small, little, unsaid things, the moments spend together, and the comfort that being with each other brings. A mother-son love is the purest form of love a man can have with a woman, when an outing was all about going to the backyard, accompanied by the beautiful flowers and the soft breeze that made its presence felt when it delicately made the leaves dance.
If you wish to ink a mom-son tattoo as well, then follow your emotions, and the design will turn out to be brilliant on its own.

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