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Thank you to Good Morning America, MSN, HuffingtonPost, The Daily Beast, Examiner, Business Insider, Today, BuzzFeed, Smithisonian, Glamour, Time, LA Times, BBC Radio, and many more for publishing this project. Be honest: how many of you would have guessed that the curvy brunette on the left is (was) Amy Winehouse? Everybody is saying she looks good in the left one where she had more weight and she was healphy and curvy. She looked so so much betta with curves i wish i had that shape n she looked much happier wen she was healthy, now she looks terrible. All these people saying she was hot, well, thats a personal opinion, but I seriously would not want to touch that overweight woman.

Yep, that is right – Amy Winehouse was once (besides clean, neat, put together), attractive and shapely. The pic on the right was taken while Amy has been struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Yeah, she errs on the chubby side, but she’s got good skin and good hair and a good shape. She is currently not eating properly or healthfully, has been in and out of hospital, has been stressed from her husband being in jail, she is the poster child for what heavy drug use can do. I can’t understand how anyone but some pedophile with a starvation fetish could find her attractive in the picture on the right.

Well, for starters, she is on the line between skinny and emaciated – never would have guessed that she had the right curves in the right places to begin with.
People are really misguided Anyone who prefers the “after” Crack addict look with the skeletor little boy legs and body has SOME SERIOUS PERSONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES!!!

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