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The dandelion tattoo designs presented above are perfect for all moods and can be worn on any part of the body.
Some friendship tattoos are only half of the tattoo, and both parties are required to see the full tattoo. Designs that are commonly used in friendship tattoos include hearts, phrases and scene designs. Before receiving a friendship tattoo, it is important that you and your friend decide on a design that both of you will enjoy.
Just make sure if you want to do a friendship tattoo, that everyone involved actually does it. Word tattoos are tattoo arts that are mainly comprised of words or phrases having some form of personal significance to the wearer. You can choose from the word tattoo ideas presented above or create your own tattoo by taking inspiration from these. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
These tattoos remind us of our childhood when we used to take these flowers in our hands and blow away those little, dainty seeds with all the air we can have in our lungs. We all need strength to courageously face the various challenges of our lives, and so strength tattoos can act as a form of inspiration for us.
Often times lovers look for ways to show their affection for one another without tattooing each others names on themselves. They are quite popular among people who want to create a style statement that is cool yet different.
Worn essentially by women, dandelion tattoos look great no matter where one decides to sport them and they also carry rich symbolical meaning as well.

However, if you decide to tattoo half of a tattoo on yourself, you should consider that if the two of you ever part ways you will be left with half of a whole tattoo and no reasonable way to explain why that is. Often times these tattoos will be matching, or at least have some similarity in the design so that if you saw them you would be able to recognize that they were matching tattoos. Heart tattoos among males are much less common, and friendship heart tattoos in heterosexual males are very rarely seen.
You can choose to do a word tattoo that illustrates the lines of a poem, a personal motto, an inspirational idea, or maybe even lines from the Bible.
Dandelions are often associated with our childhood as it is during this time when we playfully blew their seeds; so in a way dandelions are symbolic of youth, joy and innocence. A friendship tattoo design is something that you should share with someone who is really close to you. Friendship tattoos can be an excellent way to show someone that you truly care about them, or it can be a great way to get through your first tattoo experience with someone that you trust by your side.
Sometimes the designs may be placed on the chest, above the heart, but there are many places that friendship tattoos may be place. Both English word tattoos as well as tattoos in other foreign languages are equally popular among tattoo lovers. They are also attributed to the qualities of tenderness, delicacy, magical beauty and grace. This letter looks quite good on its own, and when combined with other designs, it becomes a piece of art itself. This person shouldn’t be someone that you met a year ago, or someone that you recently met that you feel that you have a strong bond with.
The most common location for a friendship tattoo is on the shoulder, because it is easily covered, easily accessible, and provides ample room for a more intricate tattoo.

Sometimes a word tattoo can also be accompanied by other shapes and designs such as floral prints and swirls. Although traditionally dandelion tattoos are mostly done in black, they can also be made by using other brighter colors as well. Another way to create a strength tattoo is to just have the word “strength” written across a particular body part.
Friendship tattoos are often created as a way for two very close individuals to express their love for one another, or as a way to show that they are family, regardless of whether or not they share the same blood pulsing through their veins. You can experiment with the font styles, sizes and colors to create variations in your word tattoos.
On this Web page we have compiled few of simple yet great looking Matching Sister tattoos for siblings to ink on their skin permanently to share more interests and bonding. Whether done in thin shapes or bold lines, these tattoos look very stylish and meaningful in spite of being very simple. They are popular with both men and women and can be worn practically on any part of the body. In fact, sometimes the meaning behind friendship tattoos is not so deep, and is much simpler on the surface. Other popular strength tattoo ideas include the ethnic strength tattoo, the tribal strength tattoo, as well as the word strength written in Hebrew or Arabic languages. Often times people will choose matching tattoos for their first tattoo so they have someone to go with them and share in the same experience.

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