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5 Sheets = 25 Unique Tattoos - $4.99 - Product #008T4 - Shipping & Handling included - regular mail.
10 Sheets = 50 Unique Tattoos - $7.99 - Product #008T8 - Shipping & Handling included - regular mail. All 16 Sheets = 80 Unique Tattoos - $12.49 - Product #008T8 - Shipping & Handling included - regular mail.
40 Sheets = 200 Tattoos - $27.99 (Best Deal!) - Product #008T40 - Shipping & Handling included - First Class mail.
Beautiful and educational, these temporary (aka fake) butterfly tattoos feature real butterfly species.
To pay via credit card, paypal, or check or money order, simply add items to your shopping cart and checkout when you're done. So in that case you can try out some sticker or water transfer designs that you can easily sport and also these lasts like quit a few days.
You can also have something that is quite large since large designs are also sold in the market. These days artists give you customised choices and you can talk this out with your design expert who will provide you with the basic knowledge to this and perhaps give you something temporary on the place where you think you want the permanent pattern to just see whether you like it there or not. Henna tattoos are also a type of non-permanent designs which can be done on any part of the body and these last quite a few days to a few weeks and can be done according to the designs that you choose. You can take inspiration from the usually available types and designs for temporary patterns from our top 50 collection of temporary tattoos. This glow in the dark angel tattoo shines bright at night when in a dark room or under a UV light or even under a black disco light. Mehndi body art, a profound part of Indian culture has travelled across the world to find its place on the bodies of women from all around the globe.

What makes temporary tattoos special is that they are printed with nontoxic ink that’s safe especially for children who don’t have to compromise safety for style.
You will receive a confirmation email when you place your order (check your junk mail folder!) Email us if you don't receive confirmation.
Along with the advantage that you can try these at right places you can also know before getting something permanent that whether you want it at that place or not. These are very classy to sport and also quite traditional in other cases and have a large relevance in traditional parties and occasions.
Complete in its angel like quality and ideally suited for a night out at the disco, it looks ethereal when worn on any visible part of the body.
Available in a wide selection of designs and colours, these custom made glitter tattoos add spark and spank to one’s body.
This temporary balloon tattoo makes for great party activity during the holiday season or a birthday bash. You can download and obtain this oustanding image that we gave by click the download button below to get our high resolution versions. Click here to check your order status (if it hasn't shipped yet the Status will read "Ordered"). You can have these on almost any parts of the body these days as long as you are comfortable with sporting it on that part. Similarly you can change the designs too when you scrub these off and then you can try something new. You can also have something for the back or body parts like an arm design and it runs from the shoulder joints and till the lower portion of the ribs.
Your artist can even guide you to a comfortable placement which will be better suitable for your inking with something that is not permanent at the first instance.

You can also have modern designs with these and these do not just come in colors like red and brown.
What’s more, because of their temporary nature one can play around with the different tattoo designs and change the location of their bodies according to their whims and fancies. As a form of body art, it has been with us and practiced for centuries as henna tattoos, body paintings for self-expression and identification of special events. Now if you are not very sure that you want something permanent, you can try something that lasts for a few days. Unlike getting needled with colors which are put deep into your skin, these are not harmful and these can be changed which is an option which the permanent ones do not give you. You can have something on top which is like the frontal part and these will generally not stay hidden unless you are wearing a high collar buttoned up shirt.
These days dark many women sport colourful henna designs for various occasions and parties. Here temporary tattoos are referred to stick-on tattoos or transfer tattoos which resemble real tattoos. Wet a cloth in warm water and place the cloth over the paper for approximately 30 seconds and then slowly remove the paper.

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