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They try to portray the image of how people are nothing more than a product at the end of a day. UPC Barcode Tattoos are tattoos that consist of all types of items, apart from movie CDs or books. Some people think that barcode tattoos define their personality and give them an entirely new look. ISBN Barcode Tattoos or International Standard Book Number Tattoos are barcodes that used to identify products that have a copyright.
It is surprising to me that people do choose to get barcode tattoos This is an interesting article.

When someone wears a barcode tattoo, it means they equate themselves with a product and can be bought at a particular price. They have also been used as a medium of expression against the corporate giants and their greed and stand as a symbol of strength. Therefore they always chose to put their name or short quotes or messages instead of the numbers. They consist of 13 digits, can be scanned by any machine and usually consists of books and movie CDs. It’s their way of saying that they are just a part of the entire system as anybody else and that they don’t possess much of a self identity.

Some of the most popular and best barcode tattoo designs have been given in the following lines.
These kinds of tattoos can be scanned within stores and can be identified with any product that is available in the store. Usually in the color black, many people have used different colors so that they look different and stand out as compared to the rest.

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