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Marshall Weber and Rose Eken, two solo exhibits at Munch Gallery, opens on January 9th, 2013.
The huge DIAMOND LEAVES: Artist Books from around the World show that I co-curated with Xu Bing opens September 18, 2012, at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (CAFAM), No. I performed a 74 hour long on-the-street mobile poetry recital as part of the Streetopia show in San Francisco from May 20th through May 23rd. Awedience, a solo exhibition of photo-installations opened at Munch Gallery, 245 Broome Street, NYC on February 16th and ran through March 11, 2012.
Over the past few years I have curating and creating alternative funding projects for activist and art organizations such as Iraq Veterans Against the War, Escuela de Cultura Popular, Martires del ?68, Zapatista Cultural Committee, and the Streetopia Project at the Luggage Store Gallery.
Heart Sutra, 2007, 36 x 86 inches, Chinese ink brushed Sanskrit, graphite, Japanese ink, cayenne and turmeric pigments on paper.
I am a founder of Organik, a collaborative art making group, with Kurt Allerslev and Christopher Wilde.
My Bar Mitzvah Album, 2010This book uses the original documentation of my Judaic ?coming to manhood?, ?leaving childhood? ritual as the basic terrain where my identities as a son, brother, child, political radical, Jewish-American, artist, and American collide.
I am looking for sponsorship and funding in order to read all of Finnegan's Wake out loud while wandering the streets of Dublin sometime this year (2010). A series of out loud public recitations of the complete texts of a millennial literary cycle.
A Jewe Reades James Joyce's Ulysses, 1994, 33 hour recitation of James Joyce?s Ulysses at the Coffee Lab in Madison Wisconsin, about 1,000 people attended.
Zarathustra Spake Thus, 1996, a 27 hour recitation of Nietzsche?s Thus Spake Zarathustra, at the Cleveland Arcade during the Cleveland Performance Art Festival. The Shallows, 1998, "the shallows", installation duration - two weeks, with a 22 hour recitation of William T. The Bible, 1999, after a year of not shaving or cutting any hair on my body I did a 72 hour long recital of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, at the former Anshe Chesed Synagogue (built in 1850 and modeled after the Koln Cathedral in Germany) in the Lower East Side of New York City. The New York City Iliad and Odyssey, 2004, a 46 hour long recitation of Homer?s ?The Iliad?, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, NYC and recitation of Homer?s ?Odyssey? on the Staten Island Ferry. Hopefully, I will read all of Finnegan's Wake aloud this year (2010) in Ireland during some appropriate cultural festival. The rubbings are from the 49?er town Murphy?s up in the California Sierras on State Route 49. Cycle is a portrait of Australia via the the matrix of the country?s monuments, plaques, architectural motifs and organic surfaces.
2002, 72 pages, 9" x 6", first edition of 29, second edition of 19, digitally printed Fiery color copies on high gloss photographic quality paper. The book has an innovative structure of alternating vertical and horizontal page-spread orientation. Book design: Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde of Artichoke Yink Press, Brooklyn, NY, and Sara Parkel of Filter Press, Brooklyn, NY. 2003, edition of 35, 28 pages, 8 inches by 5.5, 10 AP copies numbered 1960-1969, on Mohawk Vellum paper and other archival papers and clothes. Signed by the artists, with different talismanic vintage portraits taken from the original to suggest the appearence of the artistsThe Galaxy yearbook, in a slipcover.
Souvenir is a deconstruction of The Galaxy, Marion Rudiwitz's 1969 High School Yearbook (from Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows New York, on Long Island) into an old stamp album.
Weber was a co-founder and is a curator in the collection development and exhibition programs of the Booklyn Artists Alliance that is the largest non-profit artis-run international association of book artists and interdisciplinary artists who include bookart on their media palette.
Weber has designed curricula, taught and lectured at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Teachers College of Columbia University, New York University, The University of Wisconsin at Madison and many other educational institutions.
Weber discusses details behind Booklyn's origins and pedagogical beliefs in an interview with Pratt Institute librarian Tony White in the Spring 2007 issue of the Journal of Artists' Books. Organik had a fabulous exhibit in London at Lawrence Graham Gallery, curated by Clive Jennings in April of 2007.
Marshall Weber artist and director of Booklyn's Collection Development and Exhibitions Departments was the keynote speaker at the Mackay International Artists Book Forum in Mackay Australia on February 25, 2006. In addition to the Third Space Book Arts Gallery show, Weber, and artist Doug Schall presented an exhibit of painting, print, sculpture and installation at the Jody Monroe Gallery, 631 East Center St. A 24 hour duration performance made on August, 1996, at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival in and around the neighborhood of the Colonial Arcade, Ohio.
The primary performance room was painted black with quotes from the text on the top half of the walls and space on the bottom part for audience members to respond to in chalk. 100 artifacts similar to those mentioned in "The Rifles," were collected from donors in the Edmonton area, then tagged, cataloged, displayed and finally frozen in the ice floor and walls of the installation in a kind of reverse Arctic archeological dig. The book was recited primarily in a lifeboat that was ripped in half near a frozen campsite in the ?shipwreck? at the far end of the interior of the truck. Starting at sunrise on Tuesday August 31, 2004, at the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Plaza, on 55 Water Street in downtown Manhattan, artist Marshall Weber did a non-stop marathon out loud reading (in English) of Homer's entire Iliad and Odyssey one of the most compelling anti-war and return of the 'hero' stories ever written.
The entire performance took about 46 hours and had an audience (of various durations and attention spans) in the thousands and received numerous national and local print and radio media attention.
This event was sponsored by Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas a citywide cultural festival that inspired, instigated and supported civic engagement. Thanks to all the volunteers that assisted in the documentation, provision of security and the care of the performer during the performance. An excess of security stood guard next to empty tables at the entrance of the downtown skyscrapers. Unlike the many groups of protesters that have scheduled marches, Weber is speaking out against the Republican National Convention and the wars around the world with his own style; individually.
Weber closed the book, reached into his bag and took a sip from his plastic water bottle filled with juice. As the day became bright, dozens of people began filing past the three-year-old monument on their way to work. Jury Choice Award Williams Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT, two person show with Chelsea James for annual Howard S. My artwork is concerned with reading and writing the poetry of social networks, the resonance of cave paintings, feeling the matrices of history and imagining sustainable aesthetics.

I helped the OCCUPRINT project of Occupy Wall Street design and produce the OCCUPRINT fine art print portfolio which functions as an educational and fund-raising resource for Occupy Wall Street. Childhood is a canvas of nostalgia, supposed innocence, confusion, maturing, separation from parents and their beliefs.
I have been thinking about this piece for more than a decade, and I see it as the grand epilogue to my The Ulysses Cycle of performances.
I started with the classic modernist reconstruction of the story of ?Ulysses? then hurtled backwards through global literary history reciting apocryphal texts in site specific locations and installations in the public sphere, and finally returned to the ancient root classics by Homer.
Vollmann?s The Rifles during a July heatwave in a sub-zero refrigerator truck interior that recreated a Franklin Expedition icebound shipwreck of 1847.
Sponsored by the city-wide Imagine Festival and simultaneous with the Republican Party's National Convention in NYC. Chris Wangro, Imagine Festival, Executive Producer, in an Associated Press National Wire Report, August 8th, 2004.
An amazing unique hand painted book by San Francisco urban-folk art legend Fred Rinne illustrating Marshall Weber?s cautionary tale of popsicle convection suffocation syndrome. An amazing unique hand painted book by San Francisco urban-folk art legend Fred Rinne illustrating Rinne and Weber?s cautionary tale of the short, brutal and incompetent regime of US Iraqi civilian administrator, L.
Every other plaque in Murphy?s commemorated a murder or a fire and the book documents the fact that the town is bracketed by a plaque for E Clampus Vitus, a boozing Western Heritage fraternal organization on the Southern entrance and a plaque for the Good Templars a temperance group on the North. While not authoritative, exhaustive or in any way complete, Cycle tells part of the story of the country in its own words and images.
One night early in 1999 I found the yearbook in a pile of (Marion's) belongings, which had been tossed onto the curb on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. The original collages were digitally scanned at a high resolution, color corrected so that the high quality Fiery Laser Jet printed pages match the unique book’s pages. It recalls a time when college students in the United States had class-consciousness with interests different from those of their parents.
Weber and Felix arrange a collision between a Donna Karin New York fashion pseudo-feminist fashion book (ostensibly a charitable fundraising device) and a burning bonfire (of vanities?) that gorgeously collapses any pretensions of fashionable altruism. Fashion is crucified in a transmogrification of modeling pose to anorexic passion, stigmatized models exemplify the ubiquitous bodily sacrifice to literal and metaphoric consumption.
The collages combine calligraphy and multiple coats of acrylic ink on found, cut and otherwise treated magazine pages. Occasionally it is the clothes that remain natural while the women’s skin dissolves into the surrounding sky. A unique artists' book and box, metal fixtures, Plexiglas, various papers, calligraphy, chalk, charcoal, collage, drawing, pencil, ink. The edition of House of Ghosts is an exemplary Booklyn publication in that it aesthetically integrates book structure and content into a resonant composition by combining traditional and digital media. The text is printed backwards on architectural drawings of suburban New Jersey development houses circa 1986.
The text is matched and printed backwards on every verso page giving the illusion of transparency to the pages.
His work often explores issues of social justice, peace studies, linguistics and theories of representation. His charismatic and dynamic multi-media lecture presentations on Culture Jamming, the aesthetics of creative dissent, contemporary book arts and the free and independent press, and collaborative arts practive have provoked, perplexed and inspired thousands. Weber then traveled on to Canberra to be a resident artist in a collaorative program between the Environmental Art Studio and the Edition + Artist Book Studio of Australia National University. Greeley, Suite #304, exhibited a collection of artist books by Brooklyn, New York artist Marshall Weber. A free, out-loud, public reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra" (in English). Vollmann, in a 8 foot wide by 8 foot tall by 48 foot long refrigerator truck cabin kept at below freezing temperatures. A sealskin, walrus horn, and polar bear teeth from Grise Fiord (the furthest northern town of the Northwest Territories featured prominently in "The Rifles"), various antique nautical, railroad, and hunting artifacts, and a memorial of 129 cans of frozen food each with a name of a crew member from the Expedition were frozen in ice walls (the disaster resulted from lead poisoning caused by lead solder in the crews provision cans, the entire crew of both ships perished). From August 28-September 2 the Imagine Festival presented over 100 cultural events in 6 days, that included concerts, performances, forums, town meetings, exhibits, screenings, and other issue-based artworks. There was a lot of careening around the Terminal buldings as the ferry's were emptied at each stop. In a few hours, when the workday was due to start, those tables will become heaped with the insides of pockets and purses. The rain stopped, so he got up and ran his hand across a marble bench until all the rain water fell to the ground.
With expressiveness and sincerity, Carrie captivates listeners with the depths of her velvety rich voice. His renderings are a combination of his reflections on the past through images of everyday realities.
The exhibit is a collaboration between the Booklyn Artists Alliance and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum and is the first major museum exhibition of contemporary international Artist Books in China. I am a curator of emerging artworks and artworkers concerned with the beauty in justice, and I'm a social sculptor of alternative art distribution networks. I will try my best to stay awake and read the whole book non-stop (a specialty of mine, see below), but if I doze off, and if I don't doze off, I depend on the kindness of strangers throughout the performance. The cycle is an evocation of the hope contained in human literature and the joy of street reading as well as an exorcism of the demonic forces of illiteracy, fundamentalism and textural literalism. About 1,000 people attended, though it is hard to judge since a much larger number of people passed by the performance, especially on the ferry. The book?s verso side focuses on the distanced ?long shot? of the tourist?s perspective with an English text, while the recto features the text in Italian and extreme close-ups in order to convey the more intimate perspective of a native resident. The student class had idealistic goals beyond securing a super-sized version of their parent’s lifestyle. Felix subscribed to Maxim magazine (a men’s lifestyle publication) for a year and collaged each figure on the cover and then sent them to Weber who formed poetry concrete from the page field. Multiplely printed, over-laid, and reprinted with Fiery digital printers, relief press, hand calligraphy, black and white photocopy machines, the Nervous Systemsmells of ink and sweat sweet sour electricity.

Slickly produced, the catalog would pass at a glance for the real thing-but its lyrical images, while identifiable as "fashion" photos, are unmistakably metaphors for the dissolution of the subject into the products she consumes. Concept, documents, pages and text, calligraphy and collage by Weber, binding, book and box construction, by Wagner.
The typography and book design was created by Christopher Wilde, and the covers were designed and relief printed by Mark Wagner. The pliable onionskin paper is then folded over so one sees the ghostly text floating behind the faint drawings. While in Australia Weber initiated the MONUMENT project and produced an entire new body of work in collaboration with Organik and various Australian artists. Opening February 20 in Milwaukee, WI, the show explored issues of social justice, peace studies, religion, linguistics and the supernatural. To further physicalize the act of reading I used a unique portable podium harness; the text literally floated in front of me and the crowd as I paced and recited. Three quarters through the recital the freezer unit of the truck was turned off and the ice was allowed to melt further revealing the artifacts.
But Weber wasn?t bothered; he hardly even noticed that it was dark and pouring when he arrived at 55 Water Street. He sat facing the war memorial and saw the excerpts of personal letters soldiers wrote home from Vietnam carved into the opaque-blue glass. Bush is like Zeus; he can send people off to war, but isn?t personally affected by it,? he said bridging the correlation between ?The Iliad? and the current events.
He expects that it will take him two or three days to recover, but he believes the strain will be worth it. Her piano and vocal style is reminiscent of other soul and jazz songstresses as Adele, Norah Jones and Diana Krall. I estimate that the performance will take me 100 hours to do and that my expenses will be about $2,800 less or less, as I will need a plane ticket, documentation, medical supervision, pineapple juice, pommes frittes, and cash to take back to my family. Fred Rinne and Weber?s astounding tale of political psychosis collides Africaner and Israeli, Arab and Rastafarian, and USAmerican and Raj era Brits into a cynical black-humored portrait of American federal and corporate mayhem and Iraqi misery.
The sacred and the profane, the mundane and the spectacular, the ancient and the contemporary are all juxtaposed within the text and the images as they are in Italy itself. Lush dense compositions explore the interconnectedness of nerve form, flower structure, letterform and the cognitive processes of human imagination. Hosts, comfortable seating, and free beverages provided an intimate atmosphere to facilitate listening, discussions, and questions which I encouraged and led during breaks between chapters. The average 15 degrees Fahrenheit temperature inside the truck contrasted greatly with the 80 degree temperature outside. For shelter, he knelt under one of the two archways that make up the Vietnam War Memorial and with his back against the wall and his knees up to his chest, he opened Robert Fagels? translation of ?The Iliad? and began reading aloud from page one. In 1999 he received a grant from the New York Foundation of the Arts to perform his four-day public reading of the Bible.
In the style of a children?s book for adults, the book is hand bound by Rinne, sports fabulous hand painted covers, and is painted in acrylic paint on Arche paper. The structure of the book is twofold; it can be ?read? as a codex book, continuing the page turning from the verso to the recto or it can be exhibited as a two-sided screen in the tradition of the Asian screen painting, taken out and unfolded for friends. Then in an act of nostalgic piety and apology I spent the next three years tearing the yearbook apart and reassembling it into a vintage stamp album. As with MAIM Felix subscribed to Cosmopolitan magazine for a year and marker treated each figure on the cover and then sent them to Weber who formed poetry concrete from the page field. Over 7,000 people attended the installation on Winston Churchill Square, (the major downtown square in Edmonton and the primary 1998 Works Festival site) with over 2,000 of them coming up the gangway, exiting a hot July summer day, entering the freezing installation and viewing the performance. He threw in water, pineapple juice (an opera singer told him it?s a good cure for a tired voice), trail mix, an umbrella, a sweater, and most importantly, his copy of the Iliad with ?NYC ILIAD? scrawled in chalk across the back.
He looked up and said, ?I?ve been waiting such a long time to do this.? As he began reading again, the beat of the rain overrode his voice that no one was there to hear anyway.
In this reading, sponsored by The Imagine Festival and Booklyn, Weber plans to board the Staten Island Ferry after completing ?The Iliad? at the Vietnam War Memorial Plaza and begin reciting Homer?s ?The Odyssey?. It humanizes them.? He felt that at a time when the government doesn?t even allow the public to see the coffins of the war victims, remembering that humans are dying, not numbers, is important.
Her experiences have allowed her to perform at a variety of venues, from intimate coffeehouses and wine bars, to large convention centers with audiences of over 10,000. I am walking around before I have to catch my flight home, to Milan, at four.? Marshall Weber was on page 170. She toured with a band in the Boston region for over 10 years as lead vocalist and keyboardist before launching on her own with her debut CD in hand.A move to Nashville brought Carrie to the hub of Music City, where she immediately began performing in songwriter’s nights around town, honing her skills as a writer, and doing vocal session work in recording studios. Once the idea is on canvas he let’s the paint react to the composition and mood of the piece. People were quick to take notice of Carrie’s unique voice and emotive songs and she had many opportunities to work with some incredibly talented instrumentalists and songwriters, including hit songwriter, Tom Douglas, (noted recently for his CMA song of the year, “The House That Built Me”, sung by Miranda Lambert). While in Nashville, she recorded her album, “Redemption”, taking the listeners on a journey of struggle to hope.
The stigmatized models exemplify the ubiquitous bodily sacrifice to both literal and metaphoric consumption, while the walk through the tomb re-inscribes the epiphany of religious tourism. He hopes that these books will give the public a historical context in which they will be able to re-examine present U.S. Filled with honest lyrics, catchy hooks, aching ballads and soaring inspiration, the album features such songs as “When Love Was Green”, which placed in the semi-finals of the BBC’s Songwriting Competition in 2008.Residing in the Queen City since 2008, Carrie has worked with several of Charlotte’s top musicians, performing a blend of her original music and jazz laced pop at such places as the Mint Museum, Founder’s Hall, the Charlotte Today show on WCNC as well as several country clubs, wine bars and music festivals. The work is gestural, emotive, pushing and pulling and in this way a complexity emerges from the seemingly simple landscapes of industrial and urban settings, which he is drawn towards. Carrie’s song, “Queen City” won 1st place in in the 2010 NC Songwriter’s Co-Op Competition and was voted one of four of Charlotte's top vocalists by the Carolina Entertainment Network.

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