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The comfort of putting things off until a future date means you won’t have to deal with the situation now. The problem is, that situation will still be there tomorrow, next week and most likely even next year.
Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to start doing something that you don’t want to do? Moments before you start doing it you suddenly become tired or your mind looks for a million other excuses to avoid starting it.
Once you actually begin the activity, it isn’t as bad as it seems, and then over time, it can actually become easier.
That’s why many people use the excuse of New Year’s resolutions as the time to start these positive changes, because it is at a more comfortable future date, not the uncomfortable now.
If you really want positive things to start happening in your life, you had better start today! Keep up to date with all of the new things we create by following us on your favorite social media site.
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Voyage Vixens™ is a travel blog and YouTube series dedicated to food, drink, adventure, travel, and pursuing passions, be it motherhood or motorcars, barbecue or barhopping. A father daughter relationship is one of the most important relationships that a girl can have growing up, and that a man can experience throughout his lifetime. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. The app stores journal entries with any photos you’d like to upload so you easily scroll though your previous entries and see just how awesome your life really is.
In honor of the holiday, here are some of the best gratitude quotes to strengthen those thankful muscles.
You may have gotten to this page because you're intrigued by the word "vixens" or maybe you found some of our porn online (#travelporn, that is!). Send us your travel tale—be it hilarious, heartwarming or horrifying— to [email protected] Promise, you'll hear from us in less than 48 hours. If your mind is sometimes preoccupied with a negative thought, immediately try to remove that with a positive thought.
God has given us so much power with our thoughts, but we have to be careful how we choose them.

Either way, we are fully aware we are not what you typically think of when you hear the word "vixen", i.e.
Sometimes we cannot change how others think about us, but we can help sometimes by sending them love to heal their thoughts. If you knew how powerful your thoughts are then you would think twice before you think anything negative. To us -- vixens are smart and sassy women (and men, why not?!) who take action, scared sh**less or not, to turn their dreams into realities. When I write, it is usually about all matters that will help individuals better themselves.
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