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Our Top Chicago Tattoo Artists are highly sought out for their UNIQUE approach and the EXPERIENCE they create in getting inked.
Please take a look at our Artists portfolio and get to know their unique styles and specialties!
While professional tattooing was first introduced to the United States in New York, Chicago was only a few years behind. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!

Chicago was a late bloomer and while many of the major cities in the US were thriving, Chicago was still a wilderness. Many famous tattoo artists set up their studios on State Street “that great street” and today Chicago is still known for having some of the most famous tattoo parlours in the United States. If you’ve had bad experiences getting tattoos or you’re not fond of what you currently have, you have options. There are laser removal businesses and you can even get a cover-up from your tattoo artist.

The point is, Chicago is home to some of brightest and best minds when it comes to tattoo art. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the Windy City.

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