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Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! TattoosAngana Gohain BaruaLover of all things cuddly and furry, she is a writer by day and copy-editor by night.
I spent a few days looking through my travel archives while preparing for this Artist Profile on Mick Tattoo, aka Mick from Zurich, (or, for you Game of Thrones fans)- aka Mick: the King of Dragons! I’m no famous tattooer, just an average one with a side project  of documenting tattoo artists of the modern era, who suddenly found himself traveling the world and meeting the heroes of my craft. The next morning we spent hours in a quiet corner of his favorite eatery conducting the interview, taking notes and brainstorming ideas. Fluent in five languages, Mick has a piercing intellect beneath his zen-like demeanor and it was his generous, open, humble, yet direct responses to my probing questions that started to solidify my deeper admiration for him- not just as an artist but as a human being. You can see more of Mick’s AMAZING tattoos and learn about his career from a Swiss scenographic Painter at an opera house, to world renowned tattoo master!
To learn more about some of the TOP Japanese Tattoo Artists, pick up the Japanese Bundle and save nearly 40%! She’s particularly interested in wearable technology, how our mobiles can help us to get fitter and ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into our busy working lives.
Because most tattoo removal processes are so painful that people actually prefer to stick to theirs) and you can only do justice to your body if you choose a tattoo artist with care. When not snooping on celebrities’ lives on Instagram, she can be found watching Modern Family or at the nearest mall. When looking back on the history of this little adventure called Tattoo Artist magazine, I still don’t know how the whole thing came together. I’d seen a few tattoos of his by this time and had already heard stories about Mick from artists whom I considered great, people like Marcus Pacheco, Grime, Jason Kundell and a few others, but Mick had never done a featured article in the states; I wanted TAM to be the first!

It was a quaint little space deep in the heart of Spiegelgasse in Zurich, Switzerland- a 10 x 10 block area of worn cobblestone streets, living spaces, shops, fountains, restaurants and curios shops, all conveniently situation just outside its bustling train station. These dragons are not merely copies of the same ol’ dragon formulae, taken verbatim from his large and impressive reference library- not at all. As a northerner living in London, she loves exploring the city, going to the cinema at every possible opportunity and Instagramming everything that crosses her path.
For the next one hour or so when the artist is using his creativity, you are entrusting him or her with a lifelong decision.
With directions, it took me nearly an hour to weave my way through the maze of walkways and alleys to find his place, a first floor studio apartment with a tiny business card taped to the call box. It’s the same answer every great tattooer gives- the LOVE of tattooing & the driven passion to WORK HARD! So, after you have zeroed in on your design, you should research very well on the tattoo artist you would want to have.For people in Bangalore, we have made your research work a tad bit easier. Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips!
I packed my interview gear, cameras and clothes and headed off on my first of many trips to Europe, first to Milan and then the Swiss alps.
How could they not, we might ask, being friends with Horiyoshi III and that Shu Ha Ri philosophy of breaking with tradition; or his long relationships with Filip Leu, lal Hardy, Luke Atkinson and any number of other great European masters. While Mick worked in one hour appointments on multiple clients that day, I looked through volume after volume of his enormous collection of three-ring binder portfolios, eleven in total! Veer HegdeStudio: Eternal Expression Tattoo StudioVeer Hegde, the mastermind behind the studio has been in the limelight for all the right reasons.

It’s true our audience is broader now, no longer limited to merely artists, but TAM, for me, has always been about finding and sharing the hidden theme of HOW TATTOOS HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR LIVES, FOR THE GOOD! Best known for his portrait tattoos, Veer has also been practicing his wares on a number of celebrities. Pradeep MenonStudio: Dark Arts, the Tattoo StudioPradeep Menon did not start with tattoos, but his love for this art made him give up his job in IBM and open up a full time studio.
MayurStudio: Mayur’s Tattoo ZoneThe studio has a number of experienced tattoo artists and their work is inspired by almost everything. They have been in the market since 2000 and are one of the most popular artists in Bangalore. Multiple ArtistsStudio: Skin DeepThis is Bangalore’s largest tattoo studio and houses ten tattoo artists.
Inkprik Tattoo StudioTwo tattoo artists, Sai and Murali give their clients some of the most astonishing designs for tattoos. RahulStudio: Om TattoosRahul works in perfect tandem with the client and delivers some of the most clean and crisp tattoos. Pradeep JuniorStudio: Pradeep Junior TattoosThe young IT professional left a high flying career and pay to pursue his interest in tattooing.
Fear Tattoo StudioYes, the name may come as a little intimidating, but they are some of the best in business since 2008.

Infinity Tattoo 8th Avenue New York NY
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