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Interviews This will be similar to the Featured Article section because most of my interviews are featured. WHERE U AT An updated version of “Where are they now?” told in my non-professional, sailor-swearing way.
Although nowhere near the scale of LA or NY, Japan is slowly opening up to the idea that tattoos are fashionable. Whilst traditionally getting tattoos was predominately the pastime of men, women are also taking an interest in fashionable skin art and have a strong presence in the tattoo industry.
However, having said that, be aware that most people are still quite shocked by tattoos- and if you get heavy tattoo work, you will inevitably find yourself wearing long sleeves in summer. Aside from being aware of the fact that you probably won’t be able to go to your favorite onsen without either refusal or quizzical stares, also take into consideration that tattoos are quite the luxury, with a standard 15,000 yen per hour charge. Japan is full of inspiration, and tattooing motifs can come from the classic lexicon of traditional tattooing motifs, such as dragons, carps, phoenixes, foo-dogs and the like, that come with their own prescribed meanings, that should be taken into consideration. We have selected ten of the more reputable street shops in Tokyo that are accessible, friendly, offer top notch tattoos, and are strict with sterility. 56 tattoo is conveniently located in Shibuya, and houses one of the Japanese tattoo scene’s veterans, Horimasa – a tattoo pioneer to the craft having learnt under Horitoku, one of Japan’s top tattooing masters. Inkrat are a modern street shop in Koenji that has taken as is its mission the task of introducing American traditional to a local audience. Most of the tattoos consists of solid, minimal color usage, good line work, appealing designs, and are decidedly clean, and simple.
Although this shop is in Shizuoka Prefecture, not Tokyo, it is worth the trip for quality work, and one of the most comfortable and stunning studios in Japan. Female tattoo artist Asao is super friendly and down to earth, operating out of a small and clean studio in Shibuya.
She tells us that she used to be a pattern maker in the fashion industry, and turned to tattooing after she got fired! While she can do any style, she does a lot of tribal – strong lines and shapes, but with a certain delicacy, and an undeniably Japanese aesthetic. If large scale Japanese work is your cup of tea, then Horiyasu is one of Japan’s best.
He is one of the most highly regarded Japanese masters, and is world renowned for his striking traditional pieces that are executed with a modern flare, having won numerous awards at conventions internationally.
He will only take on large pieces, as traditional Japanese work is typically of a prolific size – although the end result will flow beautifully with the body. Horiyasu has one of the most fascinating backgrounds of any artist in the Japanese tattoo scene. Coming from NZ (reputedly one of the most tattoed nations in the world) I was recently in Tokyo and was very impressed by the artwork people were wearing.
For a few years on the look for a permanent TATTOO, but was never satisfied and was looking for the best. Im visiting Tokyo in April and looking to get inked while I am there – any of these places speak English?
I have question for any one that knows of a tattoo artist that was based in Tokyo around 1996-2000, his name is Joe schome he is an America… I really want to get some work finished. Wow thanks so much, Ive been trying to find the perfect tattoo shop and thanks to you now I have! TattoosAngana Gohain BaruaLover of all things cuddly and furry, she is a writer by day and copy-editor by night.
FACT #7: Many people are allergic to red tattoo ink.Does your skin change color when you wear cheap jewelry? What to do now?When asked what to look for in a tattoo, Massacre told Discovery News, "Laws are different for every city and state, and they're ever changing.
She’s particularly interested in wearable technology, how our mobiles can help us to get fitter and ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into our busy working lives. Despite the widespread discrimination towards people with tattoos, with rules that prohibit tattooed people into hot springs, golf courses and gyms, it is still one of the best places in the world to get the best quality ink jobs. Led by celebrities such as Amuro Namie and Hamasaki Ayumi, the notion of getting skin art is hardly as taboo as it used to be, with its stygian yakuza associations. Many of the top artists are female, the editors of the tattoo magazines are also typically women, and the pseudo fashion magazine Tattoo Girls features models from agencies shot by prominent photographers such as Hiromix…although strangely enough, they are all sporting fake tattoos. There are three major magazines for the tattoo enthusiast, and half the pages are ads for tattoo shops.
There are several excellent tattoo magazines, the best being Tattoo Burst, and numerous books aimed for the fashion conscious sold at any bookstore, especially the cooler shops like Village Vanguard. However, living in Japan, it’s just as common for clients to get inspired by Sanrio characters, kimono prints, and Pokemon. It’s best to go, consult with the artists, see if you actually like the person, and are comfortable getting tattooed by them, and then proceed.
Located in Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, they are the first street shop in Japan – reflective of the American system of entering a shop and ordering a tattoo, as opposed to the subterranean norm of yore where tattooing was done in someone’s apartment, with little advertising. So rather than motifs with solid compartmentalized colors, most of the designs are geometric lines and are small in size.
For many Japanese clients who are worried about the underground image of tattoos, this is particularly important. She says a lot of her clients are female musicians, and she does get a lot of clients because they feel less threatened by her.

She says she is conscious of her being Japanese and, accordingly, uses traditional Japanese motifs, and draws inspiration from Japanese art such as wood block prints.
She trained for two years – and was at Tokyo Magical Tattoo, which is now shut, but was considered one of the best tattoo shops in Japan. His work is flawless, but take note that he only specializes in Japanese work- no anchors or roses here!
He requires advance notice and a Japanese translator who will make communication, although he is one of the most hospitable and genuinely lovely people in the Japanese tattoo industry. Starting as a sword smith, after working on blades for 16 years, he changed his career at the age of 36. The tattoo artists are friendly, the studio is impeccably clean and they place a fantastic tattoo.
Her travels have taken her to the villages in Tibet, the Sound Systems of Jamaica, the anarchist squats of Greece, the catwalk shows in Paris, the Playboy mansion parties to the surf gangs of Hawaii. Perhaps the social stigma is the reason people don’t just have any old crap tattoed to their bodies. So this is a very helpful site, and will definitely check some of those places out once I’ve got the money. A young tattoo artist under the name of Haku who is specialized in gaming and anime tattoo. Because most tattoo removal processes are so painful that people actually prefer to stick to theirs) and you can only do justice to your body if you choose a tattoo artist with care. When not snooping on celebrities’ lives on Instagram, she can be found watching Modern Family or at the nearest mall.
Ancient tribes used tattoos to signify many major life events like manhood, faith, marriage, punishment and love. In ancient times, tattooing was something of a sacred profession revealed researchers at Michigan State University.
Prior to the widespread popularity of tattooing in the 1960s, many tattoo artists failed to follow recommended health and safety practices. That may change in the future.Massacre said she'd heard urban legends where unused ink was dumped into a store-shared vat along with the blood and sweat inevitably mixed in during the tattooing process.
They take pride in what they produce and though you're wearing it, the tattoo is something you and the artist create together. As a northerner living in London, she loves exploring the city, going to the cinema at every possible opportunity and Instagramming everything that crosses her path. While I havent been personally tattooed by him yet i had the pleasure of watching one of his sessions. I walked up and down a strip of about four different tattoo shops and he was the only artist that gave me the time of day. The shop is quite small, and resembles an overseas tattoo shop with flash on the walls, and a counter with booths in the back, but the art work delivered is top notch.
Highly regarded for a reason, his shop is welcoming and he is one of the most skilled artists in Tokyo. They are subtle, and elegant and have an Eastern aesthetic to them, with very little usage of colors. While it sounds extreme, it is done with extreme subtlety, so the tattoo looks completely natural. He quickly rose to the top, winning the respect of both old school tebori artists and modern street shop artists along the way. The tattoos are beautiful, artistic, and is highly recommended by many people in the tattoo industry.
Her work has appeared in Asian GEO, CNN traveler, Transit, and the Japan Times amongst 50 other publications.
Also is hard for me to speak with them and understand how to arrange everything in advance, I will be there 4 days so I have to get the design decided before.
For the next one hour or so when the artist is using his creativity, you are entrusting him or her with a lifelong decision.
The Oetzi mummy's tattoos are in areas of degeneration and may have been therapeutic according to Smithsonian Magazine.Each society had a different method of body modification, with ink commonly made of plant and animal matter. These tattooers were not usually artists and may have never received training, but with no real regulation, anyone who could afford a machine and a chair could tattoo.With its new-found popularity, tattooers are artists, entrepreneurs, business managers, accountants, teachers and more. People are tattooed inside their lips, on the bottoms of their feet and other more sensitive places.Massacre has seen a man with a tattoo in the whites of his eyeballs.
Plenty of artists (good or bad) will take your money, slap a tat in your skin and let you deal with the hangover AND the new ink.Alcohol might numb your body to the pain, but it is also a blood thinner. Rob describes a little bit of why he chose each artist though so you’ll be occupied, if you can read that is! We just have that connection where he understands exactly what I am looking for and how to make sure my crazy ideas come to life.
Our common love for music and my willingness to discover new artist always kept our tattoo sessions unique. I wanted a brutal great white tattoo and he was more than willing to help make that a reality with such limited space available on my arm. If discretion is an issue, but you still want a nice motif, this is a nice place to start, and the interior of the shop is like a salon.
In Japan, there are lots of people wanting lettering this year, such as kanji and English, for some reason.

Kohki uses fantastic subtle colors and his work is very clean, and they all excel at small, trendy designs. So, after you have zeroed in on your design, you should research very well on the tattoo artist you would want to have.For people in Bangalore, we have made your research work a tad bit easier. Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips! One cultural recipe called for smoke black (of wood or oil), mixed with milk from the breast of a woman. Instead, the newbies learn to clean equipment properly, how to protect themselves and their clients from blood-borne pathogens, as well as proper medical health codes and practices in their state. I am more than confident that anyone that goes to see this guy will leave loving the art on their body. A member of a band himself, we would crank the tunes and talk about shows while he did one of my favorite tattoos I have, Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the inside of my right leg. He is worth every dollar you spend on him and I can’t say enough good things about him. Tattooing, once considered something only bikers, punkers and rebels did, is now considered a fashionable and trendy accessory, almost as common these days as pierced ears. While Inuit cultures used a thread soaked in ink to draw the color into the skin, the Maori people of New Zealand used wood cutting tools.Across societies, a master tattooist would spend his entire life learning to perform the messy, painful process. He is currently doing my back piece of a Japanese styled tiger taking a dagger out of my back. Outside of being a phenomenal tattoo artist, Shawn is also a painter and has had work in many art shows around the globe. Sharpened sticks, needles, rocks or other tools were used to cut open the skin to prepare it to accept the ink. Let your body heal first.If you're simply looking to numb the pain, products do exist specifically to help, but they don't always last long enough to endure the full tattooing process. I didnt ask for this piece but he drew it one day and called me up saying he had a gift for me.
He does a lot of traditional style work and has amazing painting skills as well as my old house was full of painting he had given to my roommate at the time.
The shark came out amazing and I was stoked to learn I was one of the first few customers in a relatively new shop. Veer HegdeStudio: Eternal Expression Tattoo StudioVeer Hegde, the mastermind behind the studio has been in the limelight for all the right reasons. Next thing I know I have a custom full back piece being being sized up and hours later the outline and much of the initial shading was done.
He usually sends out a mass email to other industry artist and get tremendous response from it. We exchanged facebook contact and while we dont talk often, i see his post of recent work and they all come out amazing. Best known for his portrait tattoos, Veer has also been practicing his wares on a number of celebrities. I still have many hours to go but it gives me a great excuse to visit SF every now and then. I always felt welcomed into this shop by all the artist and have been worked on by many of them. Jet works on many of my friends from home and has a huge reputation as one of the most sought after artist in NY. Pradeep MenonStudio: Dark Arts, the Tattoo StudioPradeep Menon did not start with tattoos, but his love for this art made him give up his job in IBM and open up a full time studio. He is one of the founders of the Rochester Tattoo Expo which brings in amazing artist from around the world and is always a big deal. He does amazing Japanese style work and his shop has been recognized as Best Tattoo Shop countless years in Rochester with many awards on the walls.
MayurStudio: Mayur’s Tattoo ZoneThe studio has a number of experienced tattoo artists and their work is inspired by almost everything. They have been in the market since 2000 and are one of the most popular artists in Bangalore. Multiple ArtistsStudio: Skin DeepThis is Bangalore’s largest tattoo studio and houses ten tattoo artists. Inkprik Tattoo StudioTwo tattoo artists, Sai and Murali give their clients some of the most astonishing designs for tattoos. RahulStudio: Om TattoosRahul works in perfect tandem with the client and delivers some of the most clean and crisp tattoos. Pradeep JuniorStudio: Pradeep Junior TattoosThe young IT professional left a high flying career and pay to pursue his interest in tattooing.
Fear Tattoo StudioYes, the name may come as a little intimidating, but they are some of the best in business since 2008.

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