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For most people the inspired idea of ??tattoo designs by the images of Hawaiian hula dancers, hibiscus flowers and performance. The traditional art of Hawaiian tattoo is known as Kakau and, like the hula dances, stories and meaning was forged between the pattern and design. In Hawaiian culture, tattoos were used to check the status and importance of the state as to monitor the other Polynesian islands.
The traditional Hawaiian style of tattoos is similar to other countries, where models with geometric patterns of the mostly black lines.
The original Hawaiian tattoos were made with found objects such as bones or claws of animals. Those interested are tribal tattoo or looking after their embrace Hawaiian heritage interested in general in these designs.
While men can cover their tattoos, tattoos for women Harms, feet, ears and lips were reserved. Native Hawaiian utilization of plant fibers their traditional loincloth and plants, including flowers, are very valuable.
These tattoos are usually symmetrical, and later developed in animals and masks, to represent faces.

Hawaiian culture, including traditions and customs of many indigenous peoples was by Westerners, which suppresses their country together. Even normal people and those who did not receive royal lineage large and complex designs that would not be acceptable, the classical period.
Some scientists believe that this development has a direct contact with the outside world, but these drawings are not always appreciated, as traditional and cultural, but for the ancestors and the historical society is important. Currently, there are various cultural exchange in Hawaii to recover these lost traditions and to embrace the local culture. These two events show that the Hawaiians discovered during their original culture and pride in their history, they are also adapted to more contemporary in their philosophies. Flamenco dancer’s favorite tattoos were sailors, because they represent the beauty and exoticism. The tattoo is an important part of this movement and the traditional approaches are becoming popular again. Thus, all cultures are to develop – if they adapt and evolve if they are stagnant and outdated. The sailors were often of the mysterious people and fascinating places that they visited and had tattoos on their way, if necessary, tightened.

Variations of the rituals and traditional practices should not be regarded as a corruption of society, but as an evolution.
The contrast of the green leaves of the plant, which may be included in models of flower tattoo. This newly invented, but show the tattoo designs inspired by traditional still, love and pride of heritage, embracing Hawaiian culture and history. Although tattoos do not complete the slate together, the flowers are bright, vibrant, and a native are used to make these watches are often used in tattoo designs. Flamenco dancers are usually represented with powerful, often barely covering her bare breasts.

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