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Cat tattoos are quite popular among people who are really fond of these furry little creatures.
The cat tattoos presented here stand out in their design and color patterns, thus allowing the wearer to make a cool style statement.
Set of vector skull illustrations and templates for your tattoo designs, prints and other graphic designs.
Set of 9 tribal vector cat tattoo templates with stylized illustrations of cat in ornate tribal style.

2 sets with different vector Chinese dragon tattoos which can be used as tattoo template or in your vector works as an element of the design. Sometimes people choose these tattoos as a remembrance for their favorite feline friend who has passed away; at other times it may actually be a symbol of the frisky nature of the wearer. Alternatively you can choose to wear a tattoo that shows a minimalistic image of a cat’s face. A little kitty tattoo with detailed work that focuses on the intricacies of its fur is also a very popular form of cat tattoo.

Sometimes people may also prefer having a cartoonish cat tattoo that shows the silhouette of the feline from a distance without any prominent eyes or facial features.

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