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Tribal tattoos for women inherit the style of traditional tribal tattoos which connect to the ancient tribal cultures. In this post, I will show you the collection of 30 best tribal inspired tattoos I came across for women. The Meaning of Tribal Tattoos: Today, the meaning behind tribal tattoos is usually a way of paying homage to ancient cultures and individual tribes. Tribal Tattoo Designs: Original tribal tattoos ranged in design, where some were made to attract gods, some were made to show solidarity, and some were designed to ward off evil spirits.
Some of the most popular tribal tattoos designs make use of Celtic symbols, such as the knot which represents the never-ending cycle of life.

The big difference from traditional ones is that they all look feminine, cute and wildly beautiful. They were often designed in the first place to look stunning, which makes them remain popular today. However, many current tribal tattoos simply make use of more modern designs, styling them into tribal ones rather than directly replicating historical tribal designs. Designs would range according to each individual tribe, but the process of getting a tattoo was commonly seen as a rite of passage into adulthood.
When it comes to those from Scotland and Ireland, Celtic tattoos are a great way of showing your heritage.

Nowadays the word tribal has evolved to a tattoo pattern which can be applied in many of tattoo subjects, e.g, feminine tattoos.

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