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Collage Apps: I have several collage apps but the ones I often use are PicFrame, Diptic and Fotorus (which has more functions than rendering a collage). From a small personal blog I started two years ago to record my own use of photo apps, today I have 6,565 followers ( a neat number, eh?).
FFIN (free with in-app purchases) has cool frames, shapes and a few creative overlays I have not seen in other photo apps. Fuzel Awesome, a redesigned collage app of the original version which is now called Fuzel Legacy, is pretty awesome as its name suggests, especially when it’s FREE!
I like its variety styles of frames and borders, many of which you can get from other apps but you have to pay for them. Do you know what app I use to make my pictures look more vintage like to have scratches on them?
More frames are available with an in-app purchase of $1.99 or you can get 30 credits to get it free by downloading some other free apps.
Hi, some people do photos in a frame of flowers on a side(they're quite thick too) like roses or something? Creatic (Free) is like VSCO Cam, texture app, light leaks app, text app, and image blending app combined in one.
The app allows you to stitch a series of videos, photos and gifs from your camera roll or you can search for those from Tumblr, Instagram, Giphy or Flickr. One thing the app could be improved is to make the animated overlays longer than 2 seconds.
Papelook can cut those steps by offering several sets of stickers including those popular words and symbols. Hey I know that a while back you answered a question about the triangle upside down picture thing! Also, you can get the triangle shapes in different directions from ShapeThat app, which is FREE for a limited time now. How do you make the picture of the two hands on your face with with tiger part of your face?
About your borders question, Squaready and Whitagram apps will fit any size photo in a square format. I used Vintique app with “Pleasant" filter in that photo, but it comes with the in-app purchase. Somebody asked what app would make the four vertical frames like the one with the sky shown on the second image above. In addition, frame apps such as Instaframe, Instaframe+ (note they are not the same app), and Fotorus can render similar layout but you have to import the SAME photo four times and then adjust the size of each image to make it look like it is one single photo. I want to tell you that I am IN LOVE with your account, thank you so much for taking time and helping all of us with our photography questions :3 your blog is amazing!
Second on my list is PicsArt, an all-in-one app that has A LOT of functions you want to do with your editing. The 8 other apps on the list are the ones I use often but it depends on what I want to do with my pictures. A few followers asked for an app that allows them to use their own photo as the background for a collage or use it as a frame.
Other apps like Superimpose, Montage or Diptic can render similar results but they are not free. Do you know of any apps that you can like put crosses or gaxaxy type things on your picture :)?

If you don’t want to pay $1.99 for the full version of Word Swag (see previous post), you can get its Holiday Special Edition for FREE!
You can enter your own text (custom) or choose from hundreds of quotes or captions the app provides.
I particularly like the feature that allows you to randomly change a mix of text colors and text styles. Now ‘Tis the Season to add Christmas and Holidays designs to your photos and several overlay and frame apps have those in store for you.
The iPhone is one of the many smartphones in the market which has a good stock camera built in it.
The good news is that there are tons of camera apps out there in the App Store for both amaterus and professionals, and everyone else in between. Digisocial is something similar to Instagram, in that it has its own social community, but with Digisocial you can send and receive high-quality audio alongside your photos.
Light leak was a type of error back in the days of taking photos on negative rolls but now for some reason, it is a popular photography style. Fuzel is pretty neat too with its out of ordinary collage designs and the customizing feature. Of course, there are in-apps purchases ($0.99 for 99 credits), but the free features the app provides are really sufficient to allow you to make creative collages. This app also allows you to customize the collage if you want to create something different from the existing templates, which are pretty eclectic already. I like its easy-to-use interface and automatic collage layouts and there are several creative ones.
I particularly like the feature that allows you to change the filter of the framed area of the picture. Even if you don't know what I mean can you still post some links for good photoframe apps?:) thank you! Photoup Halloween trick or treat app has fun frames and stickers to spice up your decorations. Its main offerings are overlays (animated sets with in-app purchases), stickers, and videos. Unless you add music to the overlays, you can’t upload them to instagram because IG requires a minimum of 3 seconds. But then you need an app (like Photo Wizard) to make them transparent and then another app (like PicsArt) to add them into a photo.
Do you know a free app in which you could control the strength of a filter other than snapseed, I got afterglow when it was free but it got removed :( and also something like Vintique that allows you to have top and bottom wide boarders in other words puts your photo in a square form without cutting it by adding those white boarders. And since I use overlays often in my photos, Picsart is the best app to add overlays since you can import them more than one at the time and you can crop them after that too.
Like its pro version, the app includes several holiday greetings and phrases, and Christmas-theme backgrounds. You don’t need to know typography or design, the app with automatically turns your text into unlimited beautiful designs.
Its various frame designs add a nice touch to the collage that others apps don’t offer.
Would you know what apps allow me to use an overlay like the ones in Afterlight with letters and numbers but to customize it myself and use different words? However, the stock camera app has limited features, so users may need to depend on third party apps to get better end products from the iPhone camera.

We’ve picked a list of 10 new and fresh iPhone photography apps that you might want to check out. It offers features such as editing and applying filters on a new photo or the ones in the camera roll. You can crop and turn your photos into various shapes: triangles, circles, hearts, balloons and more. As taking a panaroma photo is not that easy, this app also will emit a sound or a vibration when you’re going too fast, too slow or if your camera moves too far out of range to make the panorama perfect. Since you can change between effects while capturing the photo, you can see the end effect before the picture is taken.
This app, LightLeaker, offers 30 different types of light leaks that you can apply on your photo. Space Paint lets you put bokehs, star formations, paint splatter, smoky effects, light effects and more to your images. In addition to 10 filters, the app also allows you to adjust exposure, softness, vignette and border size. It cost 99 cents for each pack but it’s worth it if it could make your photos stand out from the crowd, isn’t it? And like other collage apps, you can adjust the thickness and roundness of the frame borders, add a frame color or pattern.
The free version has plenty to offer and no annoying ads or watermark to get you to pay to remove them. Creating video collages or GIFs might be fun but I like what the app has to offer with overlays, especially animated overlays.
Its ability to allow you to adjust each effect and add new effects enable you to create unique images.
You can use your own photos as a background or you can choose from more than 100 images that come with the app.
And if you like polaroid frames, the app also added more than 10 polaroid designs and colors to choose from. Photos can be arranged in a collage and users can import their images from their Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Dropbox accounts. With this app you can record up to 33 seconds of audio to the photo instead of attaching a caption to it. You can also adjust the font size, colour, alignment and more before sharing it to your favorite social network platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Fotorus has both collage templates and a free-form option that allows you to layout your collage any way you desire. Same creative minds at Pixite that produced such cool apps as Tangent, Fragment and LoryStripes that I love.
Filter apps such as VSCO Cam, Camera 360, Creatic, AfterLight, Picsart, Piclab or even Instagram have faded looking filters.

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