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My Trollbeads collecting took a backseat over last summer because of the lack of new releases, and when I started getting back into the brand, the footprint uniques were all the rage!  I was desperate to get one, like so many others, and finally found my first one (green of course!) with the help of a friend.  I was lucky and purchased a couple others in stores, and also bought some on the secondary market.
I wanted to highlight the uniques so paired neutral white beads with the colorful footprints.
I never quite fell under the spell of the footprint beads (and my wallet certainly thanks me!) but I really like how you’ve used the white beads to let the footprints stand out.
Of course, if I and come across either one of those green ones closest to the Christmas Heart, I might not be footprint free! The dice unique is one of the newer designs and features six dice faces numbered sequentially.
I first wrote on the Trollbeads critter beads in 2013, which were once one of the rarer glass designs. One of the hottest uniques of 2013 were the Trollbeads Footprint designs and they’re still highly sought after! There is no feeling that parallels the exhilaration of bringing a new life into this world. Shoulder Blade tattoos have come to being from the times of American Indians and the Maori tribe that existed many centuries ago. Blade tattoos brighten up the shoulder to a very large extent and add a lot of color and vibrancy at the same time.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Celtic Knot Tattoos, Bad Tattoos, Arm Tattoos For Men, and Pretty Tattoos. Tattoos are not common to us in today’s generations since most of individual likely want to have one. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoos have been inked since time immemorial to celebrate special events or to highlight a landmark in one’s life. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Calf Tattoos, Tattoo Ideas, Tattoos Pictures and Baby Tattoos.
This beautiful paired footprints tattoo has a lighter shading done around to bring relief to the design. See this tiny footprint tattoo with the name elegantly inked on the mother’s leg to celebrate the birth of her baby. This set of four tiny footprints inked in black makes for an awesome contrast against the big adult chest. A tiny footprint tattoo with its folds visible goes well with the name written in a large old style angular font in this tattoo design. The high point of this pair of footprints tattoos is the fine shading in red and black with darker shading on the sides.

An elegant footprint with heavy folds is inked in black in a stylish wrap-around ribbon design with lettering in this beautiful tattoo. Small with tiny folds this faded tattoo of a footprint seems to be celebrating the memory of a loved child.
This fresh tattoo is a complete copy of a baby boy’s footprint down to the last folds on the sole. The name in a beautiful flowery script sits right above this small black footprint tattoo with the date and year placed vertically on both sides. Inked in a heavy style with ridges the beauty of this black footprints tattoo comes from the light brown shading in the area separating the two footprints.
Blue for the boy and pink for the girl is an eternal color combination for a pair of footprints tattoos.
A single footprint tattoo with the names of the children above and below can be a beautiful gesture of love. Alongside these beautiful baby footprints tattoo on the leg you see elegantly inked lettering in an old style. A single footprint with the name and date accompanies this elegant leg tattoo to welcome the birth of a baby girl. A delicate sand colored footprint tattoo is accompanied by a name and the date in elegant fine black lettering. What better way to celebrate a first child being born than with the infant’s footprints tattoo with her name, date, and time of birth? This old tattoo with a pair of footprints, one small, the other slightly bigger, tells its own story. As a tattoo to celebrate the birth of a child a simple footprint tattoo in black can say so much.
Inspired by Christ’s message in the Bible this beautiful tattoo shows a set of footprints alongside a part of the famous quote.
Two footprints to welcome two beautiful children into the world makes this pair of tattoos very special. The color spreads horizontally across the width of the bead starting from one side to the other.
Proud parents adopt various ways of making this moment a memorable one including getting a tattoo. Those days these tattoos were used to identify a person or distinguish one person from the other. In many cases shoulder blade tattoos are being used as a start for tattoos that occupy the whole back. But this site of yours posted isn’t that worse because it can be hidden easily whereas from other areas of the body.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Across cultures and civilizations people have used body art to decorate themselves and make a special moment permanent.
Most footprints tattoos use the direct impression of the child’s foot as a model to get the inking done perfectly, down to the last folds and grooves. See how this small rounded infant footprint tattoo sits alongside the footprint tattoo of an older child. Note the elegant footprints with the name written in a beautiful font on top and a date below.
This typical unique is single colored with white separation lines; variations of this bead are two-tone scallops with alternating color bands, and double scallops with the waves going towards the middle from each side. Since then, Trollbeads has expanded to a wide variety of animals which I expanded on in the Trollbeads Unique Critters Part 2 review, like whales, dolphins, caterpillars, frogs, and lizards to name a few. The tattoos done on the shoulder-blade area are considered very appropriate and extremely stylish too.
A birth of a loved child is one such beautiful occasion, and a tattoo can celebrate the joy in a unique way. This is why Footprint Tattoos are one of the most unique ways to preserve the memory of a baby’s birth. Sometimes, the birth dates, names, initials, dates or pictures are also placed somewhere near them. To make the tattoo completely fresh, personal, and original there’s hardly a better way than to get a tattoo with the footprint mark of the child. Black and brown are some common shades for a footprint tattoo design, but sometimes decorative touches like a pattern of stars can add a touch of bright color.
So any individual who wishes to go in for a tattoo on the shoulder blade should think as the tattoos visibility can be poor at this place. A simple blue for a baby boy, and pink for a baby girl is a classic way to add color and meaning to footprints tattoos.
Just like a birth the death of a beautiful child can also be recorded forever right on the skin with a special footprint tattoo with the name and date. Deep, meaningful, and completely personal, a footprint tattoo is a keepsake to carry forever.

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