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From the drunken mistakes of yester year to the intricate works of art we see today, it seems that more and more people are expressing themselves with a little help from some rather talented needle-pointers. The studio and the artists working here are qualified and fully licensed by the Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Team.
Urban Junkies is a free newsletter delivering the very latest London launches, trends and events. When you see so many tattoos in one place and the pride strewn across the faces of their owners it really becomes apparent that tattooing has developed into something more than the ‘cutthroat industry’ that some tattooists speak of – an image that is certainly conjured in the minds of those who are ignorant and cynical of the two thousand year old tradition. The BUzz website is run by undergraduate Multimedia journalism students at Bournemouth University, with the aim of bringing its readers the latest news from Bournemouth and beyond. Every year, hundreds of body artists flock to the capital to make a lasting impression at the annual International London Tattoo Convention.
Clean and sterile environment a great place to get inked with competitive prices by some outstanding artists.
In the future we are planing to bring in famous guest artists from all over the world, we already have Schrail Bimbi coming in September, and Dragos Dinu this summer.
Art is made to be flaunted and on display to the world and no one here is shy of the camera. Cheers echo around the auditorium, a video camera projects the art on a screen as onlookers ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ and for a split second each individual –  that adrenaline still pumping from the day’s inking – becomes the focus of every eye in the room.

It brings the pictures artists draw to life and adds a pride that cannot be found in a piece of art that hangs in a gallery. We caught up with Legendary tattooists Dan Gold, Steve A and Phil Kyle and upcoming artist Rich Simmons, who works for urban designers Graffiti Kings.
This year saw everything from the subtly decorated to the audaciously adorned and everything in between. But I did meet some utterly fascinating people with their own unique experiences and relationships with the art.
But today individuals from all walks of life are delving into the world of tattoo for their own personal reasons. An apprentice tattooist tells us that the portrait of Steve Carell sits proudly on his thigh because he’s ‘a huge fan – it was an obvious choice.’ It makes everyone who walks by stop and gasp in awe. I get grins and poses from both tattooists and tattooees at every turn and propositions to return later to see the finished piece. For the tattooed it allows a flaunting of individualism and, during a weekend like this, allows those involved in the tradition to become a family. But then as you turn corners, weaving through the crowds of people, and catch the tiniest glimpse of a tattooist and their subject hard at work, or the folders of drawings and past proud efforts, the drone becomes an excitable prospect and more of a symbol of where the once taboo hobby sits in the world today. And it is humbling to meet so many of them who strike you as interesting, friendly and down to earth human beings who are simply making the most of what life has to offer.

Whatever your reason for having a tattoo, nothing makes you more unique than sporting a drawing or script that you believe makes you different to everyone else and ultimately changes your life.
An elaborate puffin painting, a Spiderman still, a hyper realistic picture of glamour model Vikki Blows.
I have never before appreciated contemporary art so much and have never had such an adoration for the work an artist of this kind does. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more. Ordinary people who have covered themselves in ink to stand out from the crowd or to embrace the idea that you can change your image, your confidence and catch the eye of a passersby. Speaking to those receiving tattoos only accentuates the excitement that surrounds such a long term commitment and you can almost smell the pump of adrenaline.
Local tattoo hero Steve A said to us: “I could pick any medium to do my art on but having human beings is the most beautiful thing.

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