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Tattoos have always been a staple of rebellion, and now there's a magazine that celebrates the ink and attitude of the biggest tattooed rebels of the ink culture. Each issue of REBEL INK delivers page after page of tattooed rock stars, hardcore inked entertainment and sports personalities and the underground characters of the tatted up community who flaunt their tats and extreme lifestyles with unyielding pride and without apologies. REBEL INK delivers readers the biggest stars of the rock world in no-holds-barred interviews and photo layouts. Bound By Ink is the only magazine that chronicles art?s impact on tattoo culture, allowing the reader to delve into different lifestyles that one wouldn?t normally have access to. Military Spouse is a monthly full color, glossy magazine that addresses the unique needs and interests of over 1.1 million military spouses. Enoble Media Group is a 40 year old national leader of urban, technical and woman's magazines. Learn more about Enoble Media Group in our "Profile" for this company where you can get all the contact details, plus complete lineup of publications and Enoble Media Group media kits. Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Urban Ink Magazine, the Only Tattoo Magazine for People of Color, features the man known for being followed by controversy, Waka Flocka Flame. Despite a bullet wound in his arm, the 23-year-old MC has no intentions of slowing down, which he proved by lacing up a pair of boxing gloves in preparation for a photo shoot. In related news…  ThatB*tch uncovered a video of Waka Flocka Flame getting pelted with bottles while onstage at a recent concert.
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If you have a minimum of 3 years of experience, and want to work in a shop that's ALWAYS busy.
REBEL INK is an exclusive look at their famous ink and the stories behind their outrageous pieces of body art. It helps people find advertising opportunities with magazine publishers in 148 consumer markets. Whether he purposefully rouses carnage or it’s just a string of coincidences—between being shot at a car wash and people getting shot while leaving one of his shows—one thing is for certain, Waka Flocka has most definitely built himself a reputation.

Club Tattoos' sexy concept is sure to catch your eye with its patented Interactive Tattoo touch screens to create your own tattoo design, tattooing being performed center stage or the world's largest offering of body jewelry including gold, platinum and diamonds. There are many factors influencing current figures, so please contact the magazine's advertising team for today's exact figures.
Rebel athletes, Hollywood bad-asses and extreme tattooed cult personalities can all be found showing off their body art and telling their outrageous stories. And, of course, each issue of REBEL INK includes a heavy dose of beautiful tattooed ladies showing off their inked up skin.

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