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The Water Lily is an aquatic plant revered by the ancient Egyptians, and it often adorned temple columns.Water lilies are also an important part of Japanese culture, and are associated with dragons, waves and mountains. This book contains water lily stencil designs not only of the flowers themselves, but also their unique leaves, which can be difficult to find good images of on the Internet. We take great care to pack and ship our books to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. Catholicism: the lily flower (Lilium candidum, also called Madonna Lily) is related to purity and with the Virgin Mary. This is either done by simple cell division, or by spores that grow inside the parent organism.

Orchid, Hibiscus, Lotus, etc), ¬†innocence (most flowers are related to purity and innocence), ¬†fertility (all flowers mean fertility. Also, the water lily is related to the following: pleasure, beauty, hope and even rebirth (like a phoenix tattoo). The lily was first inspired from the nymphs (don’t forget that nymphs were beautiful, free and they loved to sing). These trees tend to grow in shallow water, where water flow is slow (W3).In wetlands such as ditches, swamps, marshes, and bogs, the water is saturated throughout the year.
Some trees include cypress, black spruce, and tamarack (W3).It is harder for lakes and ponds to support large communities of vegetation because of their great depth.

Sometimes plants like cattails, and lily pads (refer to figure 1) can be found floating in shallow lakes and ponds (W3).

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