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The Capsule is a design blog featuring stories, images, and thoughts from various design disciplines including graphic design, technology, illustration, and architecture as seen through the eyes of The Pastilla Institute of Design creative team. The Pastilla Institute of Design is a creative consulting firm focused on strategic branding, print, advertising, motion graphics, web and interactive design.
We continue the series of articles with kick ass tattoo ideas for those who want to make their first tattoo or add a new one to their already existing ink collection with a new tattoo style that has born much controversy and discussions for and against: Trash Polka Tattoos,  a fairly new style that stands apart from the crowd, a style that you either love or hate, there is no between.
Trash Polka Tattoo style resembles art collages that combine naturalistic and photo-realistic images with graphic elements that generate a chaotic, discordant look to the piece. Although true Trash Polka Tattoos can only be executed by the artists who created it, anything else being an imitation, the work of Simone and Volko can serve as inspiration for all those who want a unique and appealing realistic tattoo. No matter on which side of “love it” or “hate it” you are, in a world were originality is becoming harder and harder to come by, the work and the creativity of the artists behind this new tattoo style must be appreciated. Check out this beautiful tattoo gallery to see a few exemples of this rare and beautiful tattoo style.
Based out of Prague, Jan creates these amazing tattoos at Bobek Tattoo, which features some other amazing artist as well. The art of color contrasts is used, combining photo-realistic portraits in a detailed presentation with simple graphical elements, such as some large black areas, strokes, or shown abstract forms, generating beautiful visual effects.
However, to stay within the guidelines of the style, only red and black inks should be used.

Since you appear to be reading this article (and hopefully enjoying it),  here’s our recommendations: American Traditional Tattoo Style,  Biomechanical Tattoos,  Watercolor Tattoo Style and  Steampunk Tattoos. The style is bold and the pieces are done in red and black ink, having a “just finished”, fresh look. The original artists preferred to come up with their own imagery, but you may find an artist that is willing to work with images you want to use. A combination that provides a unique, impressive visual appearance, but also raises some questions about how fast the tattoo will fade.
Considering that this is a new style, no one can tell yet if it will stand the test of time.
Another important aspect to be taken into account is that a big “body canvas” is needed in order to look as good as it should. Start With Watercolor Artwork I begin by painting a watercolor painting to use in reference of your tattoo idea. Revisions can be made like changing a color or removing an element without needing to repaint. Just remember that it takes me a few days or even a week or so to get back to you.The reason for that delay isA the amount of emails I receive. But I try to answer each and every one of them.A Planning AheadHow far ahead I am booked up?

You will beA relievedA to know that you can schedule your tattoo appointment within a reasonable amount of time.Although the timeframe varies based on increasing requests. I can assure you that if I accept that your idea is compatible with my watercolor tattoo artist style then you will not have to wait years to get your tattoo.It does take some time to complete the artwork. You can think of it in terms of a few months.The reason I don't book myself up so far into the future is that I do no accept every request. Your commitmentA carries through in the way the idea is premeditated and appreciated.Usually there will be some knowledge of what I do in terms of style and have looked though my portfolio. Because creativity needsA much space for letting things happen as opposed to making it.When that space is thereA something beautiful can happen. The truth is theres no difference in techniques other than style!The watercolor tattoo artist painting sets the style and after that isA complete its just a matter of making the tattoo look like the painting.That is why the creative process is so important however.

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