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We create websites, e-Shops, ancillary web pages, and different content management systems for a reasonable price. When creating website, we offer an exclusive design, reflection of activity and style of a company, convenient and user-friendly navigation. I was a copywriter, a butcher of the English language, grinding prime cut prose into chuck for the masses.
So vast, so unchartered (keep in mind this was 2003), I was in the wilderness with a set of skills I equated to a set of sticks to rub together for survival.
I had no computer skills outside of Microsoft Office and HTML code was an esoteric language invented by the Aztecs. I went back to school for graphic and web design and found that the years I spent copywriting were integral to organizing web content. About UsVelocity strategically implements proprietary tools and techniques; optimizing conversion for businesses. About UsVelocity Agency strategically implements proprietary tools and techniques that optimize premium conversions for your business.

A Journalism & English major with a shrinking interest in current events and a growing disdain for poverty, I sold my creative soul to corporate America for a retirement plan, paid vacation and the occasional barbaric rush of cubicle warfare.
Branding, call outs, call to action, proof points, tag lines, I wrote the words behind the smiling faces on brochures for everything from timeshares to proper hand washing techniques.
I had a no sense that what I was doing was ever correct because like any assembly line, productivity was the objective. Here was a medium that combined my new skill in organizing words as calls to actions and quick bits of information within an art form. Initiatives begin with client research and discovery, focused on identification of end goals.
Initiatives begin with client research and discovery that focus on the identification of end goals. One day the graphic designer in the office asked me to add some photos and a banner I had written copy for to the header.
Life had become a series of tag lines, marginalized and boxed into bite sized chunks, no knife, no fork, no thinking required.

I had become skilled in the art of compartmentalizing and organizing what would otherwise appear to be gibberish and one day I was asked to expand those skills to content writing. Seeing my tagline in bold digital splendor sparked a creative volt that had been dormant since my first slice of office birthday cake. Once I understood how to use these tools to organize the world of web design was illuminated. But as long as your world remains large and there is an eagerness to explore it, there will always be a new possibilities. Here was a way to communicate to the masses with creativity, a way to organize ideas through an ever expanding digital world.

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