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Many developers are so excited to get their projects going that once they have a little direction and all of the assets from their client, they simply give the website a little thought and jump right into development. In this article I will talk about Website Planning, what it requires, how to do it, why it makes website development much easier, the benefits of website planning, and provide examples of documents that I always use during the website planning phase of any project.
After receiving approval on their website concept, which is usually just design & layout of the different pages that will make up the site, most Website Developers jump into the build. Website Developers who take time to complete one extra step during the website planning phase of any project will have a better chance of being successful than one who does not. A Website Planning Spec allows both the Website Developer and the Client to think through every page of the website before it’s built. Very Common – The client realizes you’re going down the wrong path during first client review and the changes that come through require a lot of rebuild hours.
By taking time to create the Website Planning Spec you reduce the possibility of either of the outcomes occurring. When drafting a Website Planning Spec one critical element to think about is website Architecture. Most Website Developers hit the first element of Website Architecture when designing their Concept.
Thinking through the Architecture of every page individually and collectively as a full site leads to greater efficiency in website development, gets the client to buy in up front, and allows you to be successful in achieving your clients goals. The Design element of the Website Planning Spec is the one area that most Website Developers do a decent job with already. Copy is the third element of the Website Planning Spec, but it’s perhaps the most critical. We’ve talked about how both Architecture and Design can be made to help with flowing website traffic to certain parts of the website. Another reason why good Copy is so important for a website is because it plays such a big role in search engine optimization. Far too often Website Developers leave copy creation to the end, which is the wrong approach. As you have probably already realized, there are a ton of benefits to creating a Website Planning Spec before building your next website. Now that you know just how much a Website Planning Spec will improve your website builds, will you create a Website Planning Spec during the website planning phase of your next website development project?
Flat Line Design Concept For Finance, Market Analysis, Financial Planning, Accounting, Corporate Financial Strategy, Financial Management, Investment, For Website Banner And Landing Page. Flat line design concept for finance, market analysis, financial planning, accounting, corporate financial strategy, financial management, investment, for website banner and landing page. Flat line design concept for global investment, finance, banking, market data analytics, strategic management, money growth, financial planning, consulting, for website banner and landing page.

Flat line colorful icons collection of corporate business economics, global market strategy vision, partnership teamwork organization, success business, marketing, planning and analytics. Flat line colorful icons collection of business strategy, money growth, financial planning, investment portfolio, crowdsource funding, market data analytics, insurance.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. When searching the internet for a service or product browsers will be inundated with choices.
Headlines should be descriptive advising the browser of what your business has to offer and indicate what the subsequent section of text relates to.
The pages of a site should be linked together in a logical and clear manner enabling browsers to switch between one page and another without becoming lost. Another BIG piece that I think separates successful website developers from unsuccessful website developers is the ability to Plan.
What I’m hoping for, after reading this article, that more Developers will take one extra step up front during the website planning phase. Creating what I call a Website Planning Spec provides benefits to both the Website Developer and the Client.
When Website Developers take time to think through site design on a page-by-page basis through their creation of a Website Planning Spec, both the Developer and the Client have a better idea of what the site will look like and how to best use Design to help achieve client goals. Neither of these two elements of a website come close to making as much of an impact as good copy can make in regards to flowing traffic through a website.
Before writing the copy for the website, Website Developers need to either create a list of Keywords for their client or have a list provided to them from the client. Good copy is way too important on so many levels that it only makes sense to knock this out first. Icons for strategy, investment, finance, banking, insurance, funding and payment, for websites and mobile websites and apps. Icons for business, marketing, management, strategy, planning, analytics, finance, market research, for websites and mobile websites and apps.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Your homepage is where they will decide whether to find out more about your business or go elsewhere. Small amounts of text are easier to digest on screen therefore every word must be of relevance.

Website Planning is one of the most critical pieces of website development, yet it’s the piece that I see Website Developers skipping over most often. They may succeed once, twice, maybe a few times, but eventually they will drop the ball and it will come back to lack of proper website planning prior to website development. Where the difference between most successful website developers and those who are just getting by is when the website planning phase end. The element that almost always gets left out until the very end of the project is the flow of the site.
Usually Developers think through website colors, font size, style, and color, logo placement, social media placement, etc. You can write copy in such a way that provides readers with information on one page and leads them to click on a link within the copy to get to the next piece of information under a given topic. Having your list of keywords when you go to write the copy will allow you to infuse those keywords into your copy, which will ultimately help the website move up the ranks of search engine results.
Taking time during the Website Planning phase to craft a Website Planning Spec actually benefits both the Website Developer and the client. For those of you who do want to create a Website Planning Spec for your next website project, below are some images of some of the Specs I’ve created in the past for my website projects. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
If your client has certain goals of where they want traffic to end up, there are ways that you can ensure that happens. What’s lacking when Website Developers do not create a Website Planning Spec is that they don’t think through design on a page-by-page basis, nor how it impacts traffic flow as it relates to achieving their client’s goals. Leaving it to the end creates stress on whoever is developing the copy in order to get it finished so that the site can launch.
Here are two lists of benefits, one listing all of the benefits to the Website Developer and the other listing the benefits for the Client. This leads to poor copy development, which leads to poor SEO, which leads to clients not achieving their goals. Do yourself a favor, next time you get ready to build a website, knock the copy out during the Website Planning phase.
Thinking this through up front will allow the Website Developer to link certain pages together and to create a flow from all pages to one or a few main pages.

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