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You can also use a lot of decorations t0 mix in for a really special effect if you want – there’s just countless decorations you can add  - use your imagination! Purple orchids work great in arrangements, regardless of the shade of purple, offering a rich and exotic appearance to any wedding. This beautiful bellshaped flower might not be too famous, but it’s definitely one of the most special and delicate flowers in the world.
Lavender is probably never going to be the main attraction of the decoration, but it will be the addition that makes everything more than perfect. So, these are just a few great purple flowers which can be used as wedding bouquets, or just as flower decorations at a wedding. Orchids come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colors, and purple ones are perhaps the most spectacular; and purple orchid bouquets blooming – this is just stunning! If you want to mix them with other colors, be sure to include light colors, such as beige, white, and yellow.

It has a dazzling spiral pattern when in the bud, and when they’re in full bloom, they look just magnificent. They’re also pretty cheap, so if you want to ensure a stylishly decorated wedding, without breaking the bank, these purple flowers are the way to go.
With its great looks and absolutely fantastic scent, lavender might very well be what separates a good wedding from a fairy-tale like wedding. It’s all about complementing looks with fragrance, and nothing smells as good as a lavender at a wedding. This simple guide will show you some magnificent purple wedding flowers, and how simple it is to arrange them. Purple orchid bouquets are absolutely marvelous at any kind of event – you should definitely consider using these delightful flowers. Again, something you should place on each table, especially if you want a purple themed wedding.

Use them at a wedding, and everyone will be delighted – even the pickiest of relatives.
Everything from the color to the shape is just fantastic, and they can be used practically for everything!
Great flowers working with iris are calla lilies, white roses, narcissus flowers, and many, many more.

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