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Awesome tattoo engraved by using white ink as well colored ink showing a type of a scooter. London's Simon Erl has a portfolio filled with fun takes on Traditional and Neo-Traditional work, from classic pin-ups to anthropomorphic characters in kicky outfits. You can read more and find addition photos on the Tattoo News forum thread on Jessie as well as on Jezebel.
It seems the "haters" against Lisa Fasulo's Tattoo Learning Center are doing more than just protesting via online petitions, Facebook pages, and angry YouTube videos. It goes without saying that threats of harm don't do any good but peaceful protesting, like  those against the school in San Diego, can have an impact.
In the August issue of Inked Magazine, on newsstands now, I interview the tattooer's tattooer, Mike Rubendall of Kings Avenue. This figure will be one-fourth or 25% of the exposed body part.Step 7- Compare the results of Step 3 and Step 6. Artist Jason Clay Dunn of Tattoo Alchemy in Montclair, CA works in a variety of mediums, including graphic design, digital illustration, traditional painting and airbrush art, but it's his Japanese-influenced tattooing with an "American twist" that captured our attention.Jason has been documenting his tattoo process on video, and further discusses his work and life in tattooing in this video interview. The Gypsy Gentleman - Episode 01: New York CityEarlier this week, we featured the first episode of a new tattoo show by Spike TV called Tattoo Age. Two highly engaging pieces on prison tattoos were published this week:On Monday, Flavorwire posted a photo gallery of prison tattoos that are part of Araminta de Clermont's Life After series (which includes the image above).
Outrage over TLC'c upcoming reality show "Tattoo School" has been growing and expressed online in some creative, entertaining and even extreme ways. Many are sharing their anger on group Facebook pages calling for a boycott of the show -- and some are angrier than others as demonstrated by this tattoo below.It's been said that all these blog posts, videos, and social networking groups are only giving TLC tons of free press. Just when you thought tattoo TV couldn't get any worse, TLC -- the braintrust behind NY Ink -- will premier "Tattoo School" next Thursday, July 14th. On Tuesday, we posted another Sullen t-shirt contest, where two emails were chosen randomly out of all who sent us messages by noon today wanting to play along.
Although it was not a common practice in the past, you may find more and more people are getting white ink tattoos. One special type of white ink tattoo is called UV glowing tattoo, also known as blacklight tattoos, which is made with a special ink that is visible under ultraviolet (UV) light or blacklight. The symbol of music note is the representation of the wearer’s hobby and the love of life.
He also works technically difficult tattoos like palms and eyelids.Simon offers a quick and dirty but serious discussion on his process in one of the Little Scraps of Paper video shorts below. This video above, Part III, focuses heavily on his life outside of tattooing and highlights his amazing collection of Americana and "cultural vomit" that inform his artwork. Matt Lodder sent us this link to the Jezebel Post "World War II's Badass Female Tattoo Artist" -- a look at the UK's tattoo godmother Jessie Knight.Jessie is considered the first professional British female tattooist, whose career spanned from the 1920s through the '60s.
According to the Daily Gazette, Fasulo claims that she has been getting death threats and the FBI is now looking into it. It all comes down to real education and letting the misguided know that the schools are not the way into a life in tattooing.Philip Barbosa has created some posters and cards like the one below to further spread the word.
In our Q&A, we discuss the new Kings Ave on the legendary Bowery in NYC (also posted here), his grueling apprenticeship when he was 17, and what it's like tattooing a dead body.

He was half embalmed already, and I didn't know if fluid would come out since he didn't have any blood in him. So much so, they've come up with a mathematical equation to figure out what is and what is not acceptable body art.
Subjects include body builders, strippers and a number of tattoo artists including Laura Satana, Lea Nahon, and Tin Tin (shown below) who also wrote the foreword. We're happy to post that there's another series without the faux drama, featuring the adventures of a tattooist who reveals the realities of tattooing along with cultural highlights of different cities beyond the art. Clermont photographed tattooed members of South Africa's Numbers prison gangs after their release.
In the Q&A, Sandifer discusses how he got into jailhouse tattooing, making a "tattoo gun," and symbolism behind prison tattoo imagery, among other interesting tidbits. The show follows "award-winning" tattooer Lisa Fasulo, who runs The Tattoo Learning Center in Albany, NY, as she teaches students "from all walks of life" the craft.
It looks weird and not noticeable, the white ink tattoo is loved by people who love subtle details and don’t like their tattoos remarkable to others. The ink is injected under the layer of skin, which is only noticeable against the skin pigmentation. The cost of the tattoo is dependent on the size, complexity of the design as well as the skill of the artist.
Although it’s not colorful, there are the same a lot of tattoo ideas for white ink Tattoos. In February, we profiled the tattoo hunter, discussing his research into indigenous body modification practices worldwide. Markus Kuhn says of The Gypsy Gentleman project:Each episode will present the city that it was shot in. She explores questions of identity and stigma, possession and self-expression, and "how it would be if we all had our past mistakes permanently emblazoned across our faces."I highly recommend reading Clermont's full discussion of Life After on her gallery page.
This first episode is Part 1 of a feature on Dan Santoro of Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a popular choice for people who works in KTV or night club where UV light is available. UV ink costs more than other inks, so the price of UV tattoo may be higher than other tattoos. We also love his Kalinga Tattoo book on the vanishing tattoo practices of the Kalinga people in the Philippines. Jason Murphy characterized the threats as 'open-ended,' with many of them left on Facebook. When I first started tattooing, I wanted to get good as fast as possible so, as an apprentice, I would do free tattoos on him. I asked [the director] if I would tear this guy open and he just said, "I don't know." So I took the legal route and had releases signed. Those who order the book on Ulule within the next 19 days will receive Alive (in its designer box) and a signed and numbered print. It looks at his daily life as a tattooer and his approach to Americana folk-art tattoos and paintings, which make up a great deal of his portfolio.

On Alie K Tattooer's FB page, there are contacts for TLC's ethics (really?) and viewer relations departments. If you are looking for inspirations for your first white ink tattoo, please have a study of them.
This Saturday, July 30th, Lars will be giving a lecture at Sacred Gallery on his research and displaying photos and video from his journeys.
Fund raising through Ulule will go towards offsetting the printing costs, but the goal of 45 sales must be met. There's also contact information for Lisa Fasulo herself.On her blog, Lisa Fasulo answers "the haters," but I think her "student tats" page speaks volumes more.
Phosphorescent ink does not re-emit the visible light it absorbs immediately but re-emitted it very slowly. In this spotlight, I chose to highlight Shannon's Mehndi-inspired blackwork above, a feminine paisley rib piece and white ink nouveau poppy chestpiece below.
The skin was tougher than normal, and you couldn't go over and over; you had to make one pass and that was it, and whatever was there, it had to be. It follows Dan on his antiquing trips, another one of his passions and business, and other aspects of his life outside of the shop, giving the viewer an intimate look at this well respected artist. However, there are questions about the safety and health to inject this type of ink in the skin.
Then he calls me out of nowhere and says, "Listen to this: Unfortunately, this gentleman passed away. It's about health concerns, and indeed ethics, when sending people out to potentially scar others after mere weeks of training.Over the weekend, Philip Barbosa will be putting up a site, as well as creating printed material, designed to educate people about these schools and the real "qualifications" of its graduates (among other issues). He's got four children and he's only got three tattooed on his arm, so his wife wants him to be buried with [the name of] the fourth child, who is only about 20-months old. I felt it would be a good experience, and I'd be helping the family out and give the wife some closure. It was a creepy, quiet feeling almost like the movie The Shining where everything is really silent. I didn't know how the skin would react and if the ink would take, but after a few minutes, it just felt like I was doing a regular tattoo. He had gotten into an accident and had road rash where some of his tattoos had scraped off. They were putting make-up on the tattoos but they were doing it all wrong so I offered to help. That's what stands out as one of the moments that, in a million years, you'd never imagine you'd be doing.

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